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Unit Head Mailing 2-16-10

1.    Catalog Copy Revision Time

2.    Dr. Russell G. Mawby Fellowships in Philanthropic Studies

3.    Seeking Diversity Committee Volunteers

4.    Flexible Work Arrangement Training

5.    Second City’s Traveling Improvisational Group

6.    GVSU May 2010 conference "Putting the Service back in Communities: Transformational Service"  

7.    Adjunct Faculty engaged in Graduate Education

8.    SSD Deadline Extended to 2-17-10 

9.    CLAS Important Dates  


1.    Catalog Copy Revision Time – message from Registrar Office

It is time to update the 2010-2011 catalog! To ensure your changes to the catalog are included in the 2010-2011 printed version, we must receive your changes no later than Friday, April 2.  Early submissions are welcome.  Please email these changes to Michelle Rhodes (rhodesmi@gvsu.edu) in the Registrar's Office. 


To get started, visit www.gvsu.edu/catalog click on "2010-11 Update Guides" to review the guide(s) to update your section(s).  Then follow the directions below:


1.      Begin by referring to your department's online catalog copy.  To find the most recent 2010-2011 version, please go to http://catalog.gvsu.edu and select "UG and GR Catalog (under construction)" from the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner and hit GO.


2.      Review The Colleges, All Academic Programs A-H, I-Z and/or Faculty Directory A-O, P-Z (on the left task bar) for your appropriate sections to update. If changes are necessary:


    • Select all of the content on the page with your cursor and paste it into a Word document for formatting
    • When copying the faculty directory, please copy and paste the entire directory into one document
    • Enable the track changes function found in the Tools (or Review) menu of Word. Any changes you make will now be visible
    • Please note the "Program Description" sections under each major or minor and make sure to double check for accurate information such as Web sites, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
    • Faculty listing note: Faculty should now be included under the Program Description section.  Please include, when appropriate: Chair/Program Director, Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Instructor,  Affiliate Professor, and Visiting Professor. 


3.      Make your changes, save the files, and email them to Michelle Rhodes no later than Friday, April 2, 2010.


4.      Please do not submit changes to Degree Requirements or Course Listings and Descriptions. When the Registrar's Office receives these changes through the UCC process, we will update the catalog according to the approved UCC documents. 


If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Rhodes or Julia Henshaw in the Registrar's Office at 331-3327. 

2.    Dr. Russell G. Mawby Fellowships in Philanthropic Studies (attachments: application, timeline, RFP)

3.    Diversity and Inclusion Committee Volunteers needed – request from Office of Inclusion and Equity

There are two immediate areas where we are seeking additional input and expertise.  Faculty, staff and students are needed to volunteer to serve on two committees that focus on diversity and inclusion issues.  The Office of Inclusion and Equity are seeking volunteers for the University Climate Study and the Martin Luther King Jr. Executive Planning Committee.

Both large committees will begin meeting in the spring. The University Climate Study Committee will be chaired by Neal Rogness, associate professor of statistics and Jeanne Arnold. The MLK committee will be co-chaired by Bobby Springer, associate director of Multicultural Affairs, and a faculty member to be named.

There will be numerous MLK subcommittees: Community Involvement/Awards; Day of Service; Programs (Academic/Co-Curricular/Community Collaboration); Public Relations; and University Closure on MLK Day. Each subcommittee will also need co-chairs.

If you are interested in any of the above-named committees, please submit your name via e-mail to Jessie Holland at hollajes@gvsu.edu. The deadline for submitting names is March 12th.


4.    Flexible Work Arrangement Training

Flexible Work Arrangement Training— we have added an additional training—it is scheduled for:

Wednesday, March 24th


KC 2215/2216

You will be able to register by visiting www.gvsu.edu/seminar

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.


Susan Sloop
Work Life Consultant, Human Resources, Grand Valley State University


5.    Second City’s Traveling Improvisational Group (attachment)

Hello, attached is information on an upcoming training session that is going to be conducted by Second City's traveling improvisational group on Feb. 26. Our office is co-sponsoring along with the offices of Inclusion and Equity and Risk Management. I believe this would be appropriate for unit heads and assistants.  This will be interactive and lively and we include lunch! Please distribute as you think appropriate, we have room for 100. 

~Pat Smith


6.    GVSU May 2010 conference "Putting the Service back in Communities: Transformational Service"  (attachment)

Questions regarding the conference can be directed to Dr. Diane Kimoto – tpac@gvsu.edu


7.    Adjunct Faculty engaged in Graduate Education (attachment)

The ECS recently approved new language for the Administrative Handbook relating to adjunct faculty engaged in graduate education. If you have adjuncts teaching graduate courses, please note this new policy. Also, if you have any students doing internships or practica in a work-like educational experience and they are being supervised by a professional, please consult the section of the policy relating to "Clinical Faculty, Clinical Instructors, Clinicians, Preceptors, Mentors and Contracted Clinical Lab Instructors".


8.    SSD Deadline Extended to Wednesday, 2-17-2010

The deadline for registration for Student Scholars Day has been extended until Wednesday, February 17. 
This year’s Student Scholars Day will be Wednesday April 14, 2010, in several venues across campus. The day showcases faculty-mentored student work, shared through many venues, including oral presentations, discussion and panel sessions, fine arts exhibits and performances, and poster presentations. Projects may be initiated as part of a course or as independent collaborations with faculty. More than 600 presenters participated in last year’s event.

For more information, visit www.gvsu.edu/ssd or e-mail ssd@gvsu.edu.

9.    CLAS Important Dates      

Important Dates



Feb. 17

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC

Feb. 17

SSD deadline extended


Feb. 18

CLAS Research Colloquium

308 PAD, 2:30-5:00

Feb. 22

Banner Opens for mid-term grading


Feb. 22

Visiting Position requests due


Feb. 26

Materials for W10 Promotion/tenure due to CPC


Mar. 1

CLAS Service Award nominations due

Unit head/supervisor

Mar. 1

Salary Adjustment Process Begins


Mar. 2

Banner closes at noon for mid-term grading


Mar. 3

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC

Mar. 5

AP Awards Nominations due

Online via www.GVSU.edu/AP

Mar. 8-12

Spring Break


Mar. 15

Unit Head summaries for salary evaluations due

B-4-232 MAK

Mar. 15

S10 Staffing plans due


Mar. 16

CLAS Service Awards Materials Due


Mar. 17

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC

Mar. 17

Year End Equipment Request Memos sent to UH


Mar. 18

CLAS Research Colloquium

308 PAD, 2:30-5:00

Mar. 18

Grants on the Grand


Mar. 24

Draft S10 contracts to Unit Heads


Mar. 26

Draft S10 contracts due to College office


Mar. 27

Regional Science Olympiad

Allendale Campus

Mar. 31

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC

Mar. 31

Year End Equipment requests due


April 1

Affiliate faculty recommendations due


April 1

CPC recommendations for W10 personnel activity due


April 2

Catalog Copy Changes deadline


April 7

CLAS Sabbatical Showcase and Spring Celebration

11-:00-2:00 (2250 KC) Grand River Room

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