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Unit Head Mailing 12-22-09

1.    Seminar Offering   

2.    Substituting Degree Cognates for Individual Students    

3.    Save the Date – Patricia Roehling – January 20th  

4.     Faculty awards  

5.    CLAS Important Dates 

1.                  Seminar Offering (attachment)– message from CLAS Academic Advising Center

  This seminar (see attachment) is offered for the following departments:




Modern Language






Movement Science (P.E.)



Integrated Science



~CLAS Academic Advising Center


2.                  Substituting Degree Cognates for Individual Students – message from Maria Cimitile

Effective immediately, the approval for substituting degree cognates for individual students should be requested through College Deans Offices. The online Curriculum Development Process on the faculty governance website should be used for adding, changing, or dropping degree cognates from a program. Thank you for your help.

Dr. Maria Cimitile
Interim Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

3.             Save the Date – Patricia Roehling – January 20th


We are writing to invite you and your students to a lecture on Wednesday, January 20, by Patricia Roehling, Professor and Chair of Psychology at Hope College.


Title: "Balancing Work and Family: A Challenge for the Millennial Generation"


Time and Place: 2:30 - 4:30 p.m., Cook-DeWitt Center, Allendale campus (lecture, followed by conversation led by students)


Roehling's lecture will be based on The Career Mystique: Cracks in the American Dream (Rowman & Littlefield, 2005), which she co-authored with Phyllis Moen. The book addresses "the fundamental mismatch between the ways work, family, and retirement are organized and the realities of a changing work force and an uncertain global economy."


For more information on the book, including an interview with its authors, go to



Hoping to see many of you on January 20th with your students,


Troy Farley, Career Services

Catherine Frerichs, Writing

Bob Hendersen, Psychology

Meg Lockard, Writing

Sue Sloop, Work Life Connections

Yan Yu, Sociology


4.          Faculty awards

Another testament of the quality of faculty and staff:

University Outstanding Teaching Award:  Brad Wallar, CHM
Distinguished Contribution to a Discipline:  George McBane, CHM
Outstanding University Service Award:  Lawrence Burns, PSY
Pew Teaching with Excellence  Award:  

  • John Kilbourne, MOV 
  • Ellen Pool, MUS 
  • Matthew Daley, HST

Pew Teaching with Technology:  Nathan Barrows, CHM
AP Outstanding Academic Advising and Student Services Award:  Jan Robinson

5.            CLAS Important Dates      

Important Dates



Dec. 22

Final Grades Due from Faculty


Dec. 24

Offices closed until Jan. 4, 2010


Jan. 4

Office Open




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