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Unit Head Mailing 12-15-09

1.     Syllabus Statement Related to Disability Accommodations

2.     Grade Submission

3.     Wimba Classroom Training Announcement

4.     Secure Office Procedures

5.     Results on CLAS Standards and Criteria for Personnel Evaluation vote

6.     Reading Bonanza

7.     CLAS Important Dates



1.  Syllabus statement related to Disability accommodations-- Mary Schutten

As faculty prepare their syllabi for the winter semester, it may be helpful to encourage them to include, if not already included, a statement related to disability accommodations. This type of clear statement was suggested by Jeanne Kirkpatrick in her presentation on the new changes to the American with Disabilities Act. Some samples are provided below.

Statement on Disability Accommodations:
Any student who requires accommodation because of a physical or learning disability must contact Disability Support Services (http://www.gvsu.edu/dss) at 616-331-2490 as soon as possible.  After you have documented your disability, please make an appointment or see me during office hours to discuss your specific needs.

Any student needing academic accommodations beyond those given to the entire class please be advised that the University’s Office of Disability  Support Services (DSS, ext. 12490) is available to all GVSU students. It is the student’s responsibility to request assistance from DSS.


2.     Grade Submission-- Mary Schutten

Often professors review material with the students as a way to reinforce key points. Based on past experience with the grading process this message cannot be reviewed enough. In order to support the GVSU student success model, please consider this both a review of procedure and a request for action.

·         The registrar’s office has stated that this semester due to the timeline related to the holidays, Banner will absolutely close at noon on Tuesday, Dec. 22nd. 

  • Students who have blanks on their grade report will find an NR (not recorded) and faculty will need to fill out change of grade forms for each of these students.

·         The Dismissal List will go out on Wednesday morning, Dec. 23rd.

·         The non-entry of grades will be very detrimental to students who may lose their academic standing which could result in their Winter 2010 classes being dropped and/or impact financial aid.  By the time the grade is changed and they are in good standing, there will be no more seats in the classes they were registered for.

Action: To avoid unanticipated glitches with this tight timeline, please encourage all new faculty (especially adjuncts) to familiarize themselves with the online grading system (Banner) ahead of time. Perhaps the unit head or faculty mentors can be available for questions - or direct the new faculty to Elyse Glass in Records for assistance. Remember working ahead of time is the key.

Action: Please be sure that COTs have contact information for faculty for the Christmas holiday in the event they need to be reached.

Action: Please ask all faculty double check their submission of grades to make sure all students received a grade.  In past semesters, many faculty thought they were finished and off on holiday, when one or two students were missing a grade.

Thank you again for assuring that grade submission is an accurate, timely process.


3.  Wimba Classroom Training Announcement

What is Wimba Classroom?
Wimba is a Web conferencing tool that allows groups of individuals to communicate real-time via voice and graphics over the Internet. It works in conjunction with any course in Blackboard or stands alone as a webinar tool for non-GVSU participants.

Wimba Classroom features include:

  • Voice conferencing, allowing all online participants to speak  
  • The ability to share and narrate PowerPoint slides to a real-time class and/or archive the presentation for later viewing. 
  • A shared electronic whiteboard for annotation and drawing
  • Application sharing, which allows a instructor or student  to share any application running on his or her computer
  • Web sessions, which allow an instructor to share a web site with participants
  • The ability to quiz or survey using predefined questions
  • Public and private text chats
  • Participant indicators, including raised hands, emoticons, and step-in/step-out indicators
    Event recording/archiving of online sessions
  • Easy to use for front-end workflow for iTunes U lecture capture and makes uploading to iTunes U even easier

Wimba Classroom is fully integrated with your Blackboard winter courses and all Blackboard Organizations.   

** Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops and microphones to this training, but it is not required. 

Fri 12/18 (2:30pm - 4:30pm) Allendale Campus (111 Henry Hall)
Mon 12/21 (10:00am - 12:00pm)  Pew Campus (205A Devos)

Fri 1/8 (2:00pm - 4:00pm) Pew Campus (205A Devos)

Fri 1/22 (2:00pm - 4:00pm) Allendale Campus (111 Henry Hall)

Departments may request private training.  Contact Sherry Barricklow barricks@gvsu.edu

Registration Is Required.

Register by going to http://www.gvsu.edu/seminar/ with your GVSU network username and password. Click on IT Workshops and Seminars and look for Wimba Classroom. 

4. Secure Office Procedures (attachment)

5.  Results on CLAS Standards and Criteria for Personnel Evaluation vote – message from CLAS Faculty Council

The CLAS Faculty Council is happy to announce that the positive votes have exceeded the required 2/3 of those voting, and the CLAS Standards and Criteria for Personnel Evaluation have been approved.  We would like to thank the many CLAS faculty who participated so constructively in the process throughout the fall.  We very much appreciate the time and effort that went in to all the thoughtful critiques we received.


CLAS Faculty Council

6. Reading Bonanza

The first ever CLAS Book Drive was a roaring success.  255 books for Toys for Tots and even a little cash for the GVSU Children's Enrichment Center were collected.  Thanks to all the donors and especially to the CLAS Staff Advisory Committee for the inspiration; to Cindy Laug, Laurie Martine and Dawn Nagelkirk for their organization; and the department coordinators who looked after the collection sites.

7. CLAS Important Dates      

Important Dates



Dec. 14-18

Final Exam Week


Dec. 15

Round 2 schedule to Unit Heads

Due back January 4

Dec. 22

Final Grades Due from Faculty


Dec. 24

Offices closed until Jan. 4, 2010


Jan. 4

Office Open



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