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Unit Head Mailing 10-06-09

  1. Andrew Light to visit GVSU on Oct. 19


  1. Mark Your Calendars - History Colloquia for Fall Semester


  1. Admissions Events- faculty needed

  2. Award Nominations

  3. CLAS Important Dates      

1.    Andrew Light to visit GVSU on Oct. 19 – message from Elena Lioubimtseva

Andrew Light sponsored by Sustainability Initiative and Environmental Studies Program will be visiting campus on Oct 19th. See the attached flyer for details.

Elena Lioubimtseva Ph.D.
Director, Environmental Studies Program


2. Mark Your Calendars - History Colloquia for Fall Semester

History Colloquium/Brown Bag

We are pleased to have the following presentations for this semester’s history colloquia.  Each presentation will be in MAK D-1-141 on Mondays, noon-12:50.  All students and faculty are welcome.

Monday, Oct. 5:
Michael Hawkins, "Imperial Taxonomies in the Philippines' Muslim South, 1898-1914"

Monday, Oct. 26:
Paul Murphy, "Interpreting a 'Hieroglyphic' Civilization: Warren Susman, the 1920s, and the Modernist Tradition"

Monday, Nov. 16:
Marcie Cowley, "The Soviet Family and Inheritance: Self-Narration to State Officials in the Late Stalinist Period"

Monday, Nov. 30:
Neil O'Brien, Rethinking Korean War Era Bacteriological Warfare Charges: the Latest Data and a bit of Conjecture"

3. Admissions Events- faculty needed--message from Mary

We've found out in recent years that the budget of GVSU is very dependent on tuition dollars. As the deadline for the state budget looms, it appears we can only get more so, since support for the state's universities will surely go down.  Against that kind of background, we all know that student recruitment is essential to our University.

Please ask faculty if they can participate in the dinner/presentation on either  Oct 27 Sterling Hts, MI and Oct 28 Southfield, MI [or both if the person can/will stay overnight, provided by admissions].  Please let Mary Schutten know the names or name of anyone willing to attend by Oct 15.


4. Award Nominations – message from Provost Office

The deadline to submit nominations for many faculty awards is just around the corner – November 1, 2009.  These awards are presented at the Faculty Awards Convocation, this year scheduled on Thursday, February 4, 2010.

Nominations are being sought for:

            University Outstanding Teacher Award (CLAS deadline is passed)  
            Distinguished Contribution in a Discipline Award  
            Outstanding Service Awards (Community and University)  
            Outstanding Advising and Student Services Award  
            Pew Teaching Excellence Awards (CLAS deadline is passed)


The Provost’s Office website links to information and nomination forms for each of these awards.     Faculty Awards


I would appreciate your sharing this information with faculty and staff in your College who may wish to nominate a deserving individual.  Some Colleges have internal deadlines and processes, so be sure to publicize your information as well.

Thank you,

Office of the Provost

5.  CLAS Important Dates      

Important Dates



Oct. 6

Undergraduate Research Fair

5:00-7:00 Niemeyer Honors Hall

Oct. 12-16

Midterm Week


Oct. 13

Round 1 Schedule due to UH


Oct. 14

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC, 3:00-5:00

Oct. 15

Facilities Requests

B-4-232 MAK

Oct. 16

Alumni-In-Residence Luncheon

By Invitation

Oct. 17

CLAS Mindgating Silent Art Auction to benefit Calder Scholarship

 Alumni House

Oct. 20

Midterm Grades due at noon


Oct. 20

Round 1 Schedule Due

Dean’s Office (electronic [Pam Kellogg] and hard copy [B-4-232 MAK])

Oct. 21

HRRC Department Policy


   Oct. 23

CLAS Research Colloquium

308 PAD, 2:30-5:00 P.M.

Oct. 28

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC, 3:00-5:00

Oct. 29

CLAS Out of the Box workshop

11:30-1:30 (2204 KC)

Nov. 1*

Distinguished Contribution to a Discipline Award Nominations

R&D Committee (301C DEV)

Nov. 1*

Outstanding University Service Award Nominations

Office of the Provost

*Since Nov. 1 falls on a Sunday, we have been assured these offices will accept nominations on Nov. 2.

Future Out of the Box workshop - Friday, November 20, 11:00-1:00 p.m. Register


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