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Unit Head Mailing 1-6-09   


1.   Code of Federal Regulations Definitions

2.   Summaries of Strategies targeted at engaging first and second year students

3.   Student Social Security Policy

4.   Young Alumni Award – seeking nominations

5.   Interim Assistant Deans for CLAS (Winter 2009)

6.   CLAS Important Dates   


1. Code of Federal Regulations Definitions –message from Paul J. Reitemeier, chair of Human Research Review Committee (attachment)

I request that you to share this document with all faculty in the college to assist their understanding of when academic course related activities need HRRC approval and when they do not.  We are available to answer any questions and to meet with individual or groups of faculty for more specific assistance. The HRRC office is open Monday through Thursday, 8:00-4:30.


2. Summaries of Strategies targeted at engaging first and second year students – Donna Larson (attachments:  First year,   second year)


I am pleased to provide follow-up to your participation in a CLAS Unit Heads meeting earlier this semester.  During that meeting we asked Unit Heads to provide specific examples of strategies targeted at engaging first and second year students.   I solicited specific examples from you, compiled and organized the responses, and facilitated discussions in following unit head meetings. 


Attached are two documents that provide summaries of the input from CLAS Unit Heads, directed at either first or second year students, and organized around the following themes:

·   Advising of New Students

·   Welcoming Communication to New Majors

·   Making the Transition

·   Assisting Academic Success

·   Engagement with Life as a Major

·   Engagement with Scholarship

·   Award Recognitions and Celebrations

·   Preparing for Life after Graduation

·   Suggestions for the Future


Please note that, with few exceptions, the examples presented have come from the CLAS academic units, not the CLAS Academic Advising Center.   A large part of the mission of the CLAS Academic Advising Center is to provide advising support for students, and units are very familiar with that mission and strategies to achieve it.  Therefore, I focused my data collection efforts on the academic units themselves.


I hope that this information is helpful to you as you continue to identify ways in which we can all help our students to persist in their journey toward academic success. Please share this information with your faculty.





Please remind your faculty about GVSU’s policy on social security numbers. The policy is attached for your reference.


4. Young Alumni Award – seeking nominations.

Please consider nominating your alumni who meet the criteria for this award. One of our CLAS alumni received this award last year. We have a large pool of excellent and deserving students that have graduated in the past 10 years and it would be wonderful for one of them to receive the acknowledgement. Check out the alumni website for further details www.gvsu.edu/alumni.


5. Interim Assistant Deans for CLAS (Winter 2009)

During the Winter 2009 semester, Karen Gipson will be serving as Interim Assistant Dean for Curriculum and Paul Stephenson will be serving as Interim Assistant Dean for Students. You can contact them via email or make an appointment with them through Paula Wicklund in our office at X12495.


6. CLAS Important Dates

Important Dates



Jan. 7

UH Meeting

2215/2216 KC, 3:00-5:00

Jan. 9

Final Registration


Jan. 21

UH Meeting

2215/2216 KC, 3:00-5:00

Jan. 22

CLAS Research Colloquium

308 PAD, 2:30-5:00

Jan. 23

Student Summer Scholars applications due


Jan. 26

Student Scholarship Day application opens




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