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Unit Head Mailing 8-5-09

1.   Research Activity Report and Request for Assistance

2.   Grant Writing Opportunities with David Bauer

3.   Event Photography Coverage

4.   MIWorks/No Worker Left Behind

5.   ACLS Fellowships

6.   Student Email Changes

7.   CLAS Important Dates      

1)     Research Activity Report and Request for Assistance – Paul J. Reitemeier (attachment:  UH Policies, Investigator standards form)

2)     Grant Writing Opportunities with David Bauer (attachment)

3)     Photography Coverage for Events – Message from Bernadine Carey-Tucker

Good Afternoon,

Effective immediately we will no longer be accepting requests for event coverage photography via email.  A new web-based request form has been created that will be used in its place.  Using this new request form is simple and quick.  Once you submit your request, a photographer from News and Information Services will promptly respond to you acknowledging receipt of the request.

The photo request form can be found on the News and Information website under the photography link on the left hand side of the screen.  We suggest that you bookmark this link on your computer for quick reference:


Feel free to forward this message on to colleagues that may also find this information useful. As always, we look forward to providing you with the best service possible and would appreciate any feedback you may have on this new process.

Thank you,
Photography Services Manager
(616) 331-2798

4)     MIWorks/No Worker Left Behind – Message from Sherril Soman (attachment)


Please see the message attached for important information on resources and processes in place for students seeking information about the GVSU and the Mi Works/No Worker Left Behind Program.  Please forward the information to the units in your college so they can route students to the appropriate place.



5)     ACLS Fellowship – Jann Joseph


This American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship is an opportunity for your department to consider expanding your professional development.


Greetings from ACLS!

We are pleased to let you know that the 2009-10 fellowship competitions are now open. You will find the most updated and comprehensive information on all ACLS programs available on our website at: www.acls.org/programs/comps. As in previous years, the majority of competition deadlines are in the early fall. Please note that we no longer produce and distribute a Fellowships & Grants brochure.

During the 2008-09 cycle, ACLS awarded over $10.2 million to 336 scholars based in the US and abroad working in the humanities and related social sciences. The new fellows, along with abstracts of their proposals, are posted on the ACLS website at: www.acls.org/fellows/new.

We are looking forward to an equally successful fellowships season in 2009-10.

Nicole Stahlmann, Director of Fellowship Programs
American Council of Learned Societies  fellowships@acls.org

6)     Student Email Changes – Message from Sue Korzinek

All student emails have been switched from .student.gvsu.edu to .mail.gvsu.edu at this time.  Please check your frequent contacts list in Groupwise which may contain the .student addresses.  This means that, if you type in a student's name to whom you sent an email before the .mail switch, you may have the .student address automatically completed in the "To" box instead of the new .mail address.  Although .student mail will be forwarded to the new account, it could take longer to get to the student, or the student might ignore it. It is recommended that you clear all the old .student email addresses from your frequent contacts list.  There is no way to automatically replace the old addresses with the new Gmail. The procedure to find and delete all .student addresses in your frequent contacts is as follows:

1.     Click from the Groupwise toolbar. Choose the "frequent contacts" address book.

2.     Click View on the top menu bar > then choose Define Custom Filter.

3.     Click the first drop-down list (In the screen shot inserted below this box says "Last Name")> Select Email Address

4.     Click >  Choose Contains

5.     Type the condition you want to filter by in the next box (where it says "Davies" in the illustration above).  In this case, type .student.gvsu.edu > then click OK. (You don't need to do anything with the box that says "End."

6.     You should see all the .student addresses now listed in the address book frequent contacts list.

7.     From the top menu bar, click on "Edit" and select "Select all"

8.     From the second row of the menu bar, click on "Delete"

9.     Go back to View  on the top toolbar menu and select Filter Off so that you can view the addresses that remain after .student addresses are deleted.

10.  Exit the address book.

7)     CLAS Important Dates

Important Dates



Aug. 10

Banner closes for grading at noon


Aug. 19

New Faculty Orientation


Aug. 19

CLAS New Faculty Social (new TT faculty and UHs only)

Alumni House

Aug. 20

New Faculty Orientation

Pew Campus

Aug. 25

Unit Head Retreat

Bicycle Factory


Aug. 26

FTLC Fall Teaching Conference, 8:30am – 3:00pm

Register at GVSU Training & Workshops

Aug. 27

CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting

10:30-12:00-Louis Armstrong Theatre, followed by lunch under the tent

Aug. 28

Convocation/University Picnic

11:30a.m.  Fieldhouse/followed by picnic @ Carillon Tower

Aug. 31

Fall Classes Begin




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