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Unit Head and Faculty Weekly Mailing 8-7-12

For Faculty

1. Part Time Academy Invitation

For Unit Heads

2. Update on 2013-2014 schedule production

3. Request to serve alcohol

4. CLAS Important Dates


For Faculty

1.  Part Time Academy Invitation (attachment)

Part-time Academy offers part-time faculty an opportunity to discover new teaching strategies, learn more about GVSU and discuss ways to improve student learning.

For Unit Heads

2. Update on 2013-2014 schedule production


On July 31, Karen Burchard presented a preview of the proposed schedule production process for 2013-2014 to the Administrative Assistants meeting. If her proposal receives final administrative approval, training could begin as early as August 15 on this new system. Using Access software, rather than Excel, this is a very simple system to use even if you have limited Access experience. It will allow folks to run some predesigned reports and actually save the data in an Excel format for our use in the department offices. This Excel format could be enhanced to meet the needs for future staffing plans as well.

~Cindy Laug


3. Request to serve alcohol


Requests to serve alcohol will continue to be reviewed through the Dean’s Office and, if approved, forwarded to the Provost Office for consideration.  As in the past, all alcohol expenses must be charged to a FOAP administered by the Provost Office.  If an event charges a conference fee or has other outside funding, the Provost Office may seek reimbursement for the alcohol expense.  Please keep this in mind as you develop a budget and plan for special events.

~ Cindy Laug


4. CLAS Important Dates 


Important Dates



Aug. 6-7

Final Exams


Aug. 13

Grades due 2nd 6 weeks and 12 weeks before noon

Banner and Blackboard close at this time


Aug. 15

CLAS New TT Faculty Social

By invitation

Aug. 15 & 16

New Faculty Orientation


Aug. 17

ED 431 Pilot Start Up Meeting; 10:00am – 11:30am

EC 310

Aug. 21

Unit Head Retreat

324/330 KEN

Aug. 22

FTLC Conference


Aug. 23

CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting


Aug. 24


Field House

Aug. 27

Fall 2012 Classes Begin




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