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Unit Head and Faculty Weekly Mailing 8-14-12

For Faculty

1. Campus Sustainability Spotlight

2. Optional Sabbatical Forum

For Unit Heads

3. CLAS Office Coverage Policy

4. General Education Issues Courses Reminder

5. CLAS Important Dates


For Faculty

1. Campus Sustainability Spotlight

This year, university will celebrate ‘Campus Sustainability Spotlight’ (www.gvsu.edu/sustainability) as a year-long event, in a departure from the previous format of a Campus Sustainability Week. Each month, a different college will partner with the Sustainable Community Development Initiative (SCDI) to highlight ongoing activities in the college and host new events.

In October 2012, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will be Sustainable College of the Month. The CLAS Acts article for October will feature sustainability and Mark Staves has offered to organize the October Faculty Research Colloquium around a sustainability theme as well.

If you have existing departmental events in October that we could highlight or new events that you would like to plan, please let us know. For example, you could consider inviting speakers for your department seminars who could give talks on sustainability related topics. Or student groups could organize events related to sustainability. These topics are worth discussing with your faculty now. The SCDI office will be able to provide some funding and support for these events.

Please share your ideas with Shaily by Sept 5 and she will work with your department and SCDI to help coordinate these events in October. 

2. Optional Sabbatical Forum

Thursday September 27 from 3:30-5:00 in PAD 308.

The fall Sabbatical Forum is being hosted by the CLAS Faculty Development Committee on Thursday, 9/27, from 3:30-5:00 pm in 308 Padnos Hall. This bi-annual event allows you to meet with members of the Faculty Development Committee to answer any questions you may have.



For Unit Heads

3. CLAS Office Coverage Policy (Attachment)

As a way of getting the new academic year off to a good start in each of your offices, here’s a reminder of CLAS’s Office Coverage Policy.  ~Fred

4. General Education Issues Courses Reminder

As units gear up for the beginning of the semester and think about schedule development this fall, here is a reminder that general education Issues course proposals are being submitted to the curricular system for unit review and approval. The timeline below (part of the unit head presentation of 4-18-12) lists the deadline for this review as September 9, 2012 (Monday, September 10 will be acceptable).



5. CLAS Important Dates


Important Dates



Aug. 15

CLAS New Tenure Track Faculty Social

By invitation

Aug. 15 & 16

New Faculty Orientation


Aug. 17

ED 431 Pilot Start Up Meeting; 10:00am – 11:30am

EC 310

Aug. 21

Unit Head Retreat

324/330 KEN

Aug. 22

Faculty Teaching and Learning Center Conference


Aug. 23

CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting


Aug. 24


Field House

Aug. 27

Fall 2012 Classes Begin


Sept. 3-4

Labor Day Recess; Sept. 4 no classes but offices are open


Sept. 5

Share ideas with Shaily Menon for Campus Sustainability Spotlight


Sept. 9

Deadline for review of Issues Courses


Sept. 18

Save the Date; Best Practices: Grade Training for Academic Coordinators; 10:30am; more information to follow

2266 KC

Sept. 19

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC, 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Sept. 27

Fall Sabbatical Forum

308 PAD; 3:30 – 5:00pm




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