Unit Head and Faculty Weekly Mailing 7-22-14

For Faculty and Staff

1. Invitation to a Fall Breather

2. Assistance from a statistician



For Unit Heads

3. 2015-2016 Schedule Copy Deadline - From Sherril Soman

4.  CLAS Important Dates

For Faculty and Staff

1. Invitation to a Fall Breather - Fred Antczak

I invite faculty, as they are laying out their fall 2014 syllabi, to plan to give no reading, no assignments, no homework for the weekend before the drop deadline (i.e., the weekend of October 18 and 19).  I am not suggesting that you take any time away from class, nor even that you decrease by an iota the amount of work in the fall course.  I'm simply asking you to redistribute it, so that for that weekend across as many courses as possible, there's no assigned work.  I'm asking for a specific weekend because distributing it on different weekends would dilute its noticeable effect.  And let me underline that this is optional, at the instructor's discretion in every case.  If you're teaching a course where this won't work, please do what's best for your students' learning. ~Fred

2.  Assistance from a statistician (STA 319 Flyer for F14 Clients)

Greetings GVSU faculty/staff member:  Perhaps you have research/data analysis that has languished due to time conflicts or you're in need of assistance from a statistician.  If so, please take a look at the flyer in the attached Word document which offers the assistance of students in STA 319 (Statistics Project) during the Fall 2014.  I look forward to hearing from you.

~Neal Rogness, Department of Statistics


For Unit Heads

3. 2015-2016 Schedule Copy Deadline - From Sherril Soman


Approved Fall and Winter Time Blocks

Spring Summer Time Blocks

Schedule Deadlines 15-16



We are at the time of year where we begin to think about scheduling for the 2015-2016 academic year.  As has been our standard practice we are providing relevant information that will help you as you begin the scheduling process.

 Attached you will find the following documents:

1.         Schedule deadlines

2.         Top 10 rules of scheduling approved by the Provost's Cabinet.

3.         Approved standard Time Blocks for spring/summer

4.         Approved standard Time Blocks for fall and winter semesters.

Units should make plans now to return all three credit courses to the standard time blocks.  Courses that are for other than three credit hours must begin or end on a standard block.

Please note that we are in the process of updating the room detail list to accommodate the new lab science building and other construction projects.  The room detail list will be available to you early in the fall semester.


4.   CLAS Important Dates

  Important    Dates Event Location
July 25 Drop Deadline - grade W - 2nd 6 weeks   Aug. 1 Classes end 2nd 6 weeks and 12 weeks   Aug. 4-5 Final Exams   Aug. 6 Regular faculty on payroll   Aug. 11 Grades due from faculty before noon -second 6 weeks and 12 weeks Banner and Blackboard close at this time       Aug. 13 & 14  New Faculty Orientation  Wednesday; 8am to 4:30pm AM - Kirkhof Center; PM - Mary Idema Pew Learning and information Center  Thursday, 8am to 3pm Pew Grand Rapids Campus, DeVos Center    Aug. 13 CLAS New Faculty Social By invitation only Aug. 19 Unit Head Retreat 3000 James H Zumberge Hall Aug. 19 University Faculty and Staff Picnic Great Lakes Plaza; 5:00pm Aug. 20 Faculty Teaching and Learning Center Conference  
Aug. 21 CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting  PAC
Aug. 22 Convocation  
Aug. 25 Fall Classes Begin  



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