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 Unit Head and Faculty Weekly Mailing 6-3-14


For Faculty and Staff

1. Changes in the Provost Office

2. Almost there!



For Unit Heads

3. CLAS Unit Head Meetings

4. CLAS Important Dates



For Faculty and Staff


1. Changes in the Provost Office

The Provost Office has a new office address and has reassigned their support staff. 

Here is contact information for our office:

                Office of the Provost

                3090 JHZ

                Phone:  616-331-2400 (unchanged)

                Fax:  616-331-8651 (new)

The individuals we each support:

                Mary Albrecht (x12196) – Provost Davis

                Kim Saindon (part-time 9:00 – 3:30) (x12176) – Maria Cimitile and Julia Guevara

                Linda Stratton (x12181) – Nancy Giardina, Joe Godwin and Jon Jellema

                Becky Beechler (x18722) – Philip Batty, Rachael Dykstra and Kathy Gulembo

                Lisa Surman Haight (x12172) – Academic Governance and Office of the Provost


2. Almost there!

The CLAS on the Green golf outing on Wednesday, June 18 is only a couple weeks away.  We could use three more volunteers to help ensure a great event (contact johnstmo@gvsu.edu ).  Registration remains open for any wanting to play:  http://www.gvsu.edu/clas/clas-on-the-green-382.htm.  The forecast is for mostly sunny and 71 degrees.



For Unit Heads

3. CLAS Unit Head Meetings (attachment)

Attached are the dates and times for the Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 CLAS Unit Head Meetings. All meetings will be held in 2215/2216 Kirkhof Center with the exception of November 19th we will meet in 2263 KC.


4. CLAS Important Dates

 Important Dates



June 6

Drop Deadline  grade W – first 6 weeks


June 16

Classes end first 6 weeks


June 17, 18 and 19

CLAS Sabbatical Proposal Workshops – for details:



June 17-18

Exams first 6 weeks


June 18

CLAS on the Green

Volunteers and golfers wanted:clas@gvsu.edu

Supporting the CLAS Scholarship Fund.

 The Meadows

June 20

Drop Deadline – grade W – 12 weeks


June 23

Grades due from faculty before noon – first 6 weeks

Banner and Blackboard close at this time


June 23

Classes begin second 6 weeks


June 24-26

G3 Camp  


July 4

Independence Day Recess


July 21

Fall Staffing Plans due


July 25

Drop Deadline – grade W – 2nd 6 weeks


Aug. 1

Classes end 2nd 6 weeks and 12 weeks


Aug. 4-5

Final Exams


Aug. 6

Regular faculty on payroll


Aug. 11

Grades due from faculty before noon –second 6 weeks and 12 weeks

Banner and Blackboard close at this time




Aug. 13 & 14

 New Faculty Orientation

 Wednesday; 8am to 4:30pm

AM – Kirkhof Center; PM – Mary Idema Pew Learning and information Center

 Thursday, 8am to 3pm

Pew Grand Rapids Campus, DeVos Center 


Aug. 13

CLAS New Faculty Social

By invitation only

Aug. 19

Unit Head Retreat

3000 James H Zumberge Hall

Aug. 19

University Faculty and Staff Picnic

Great Lakes Plaza; 5:00pm

Aug. 20

Faculty Teaching and Learning Center Conference


Aug. 21

CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting


Aug. 22



Aug. 25

Fall Classes Begin







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