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Unit Head and Faculty Weekly Mailing 6-18-13


For Unit Heads


1. Spring/Summer Grade Submission


2. First Annual Request for Out-of-State Experiential Learning Sites- Action Needed


3. Important Dates




1. Spring/Summer Grade Submission-- Mary Schutten



A last date of academic activity (LDAA) is required for students receiving a grade of ‘F’ or ‘NC’.  (‘NC’ is a no-credit grade for a course graded credit/no credit).  Failure to include the LDAA has resulted in the loss of all grades assigned for that course. General information on how the date is to be determined and how to input it is located at this link that is provided in the grading instructions from the Records Office: http://www.gvsu.edu/registrar/ldaa.

Action: Please remind your faculty:

  1. that the grade submission day for spring and summer is before noon on Monday.
  2. to double check their submission of grades to make sure all students received a grade and that a LDAA is provided .  In past semesters, many faculty thought they were finished when grades were missing.

Thank you again for assuring that grade submission is an accurate, timely process.


2. First Annual Request for Out-of-State Experiential Learning Sites- Action Needed




This year has presented several opportunities and challenges. One opportunity has been provided us by the number of students engaging in experiential learning opportunities in CLAS—the highest ever. And a challenge that emerged--the students who participate in out-of-state experiential learning (internship, clinical, externship, research etc.). Given the current climate and context in higher education—growing competition for students, students “shopping” between institutions, online programming used to entice learners to institutions—the Provost’s Office must gather additional types of data related to GVSU’s “reach” into other states. The university must determine how many Grand Valley students are engaging in learning experiences in each of the United States on an annual basis.

The list of states and the two questions to answer are attached in an Excel spreadsheet:

  • Please place the numbers of students by state who, in the last year, were engaged in experiential learning (internship, clinical, research, externship etc.) Please fill in numbers only for those states that hosted Grand Valley students.
    • N.B. Taking an out-of-state online course does not fall into the category of experiential learning.
  • If any of the placements were associated with a federal program, please list the number of these placements in the second column next to the appropriate state.
  • Save the spreadsheet with the unit name and return.

Please return your completed electronic file to Associate Dean Mary Schutten by July 12, 2013.Thank you for your assistance with this important—and now annual--task.


3. CLAS Important Dates


Important Dates



June 18-19

Final Exams


June 19

CLAS on the Green Scholarship benefit golf outing

The Meadows Golf Course

June 24

Grades due 1st 6 week classes before noon

Banner and Blackboard close at this time


June 24

Classes begin 2nd 6 weeks


June 25-27

G3 Camp

G3 Camp

July 1

10th Anniversary of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences begins


July 4

Independence Day Recess – offices closed


July 12

Request for Out of State Experiential Learning Sites Due

Associate Dean Mary Schutten (schutmar@gvsu.edu)

July 17 by 5pm

Fall staffing plans completed

Send notice to Cindy Laug (laugc@gvsu.edu)

July 26

Fall draft contracts hand delivered to Unit Heads


July 29 at noon

Fall contracts due to Dean’s Office

Cindy Laug


Classes end 2nd 6 weeks and 12 weeks


Aug. 5-6

Final Exams


Aug. 12

Grades due 2nd 6 weeks and 12 weeks before noon

Banner and Blackboard close at this time


Aug. 13

CLAS 10th Anniversary Celebration is proud to announce:

Putting the Green in Next Generation Science Standards

Contacts Dalila Kovacs and Andrew Lantz

Aug. 14 & 15

New Faculty Orientation


Aug. 20

Unit Head Retreat

Mary Idema Pew Library, Multipurpose Room

Aug. 21

FTLC Conference

8:30am – 3:00pm; Eberhard Conference Center

Aug. 22

CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting

9:30am, Louis Armstrong Theatre, Performing Arts Center

Aug. 23


11am; Field House

Aug. 26

Fall 2013 Classes Begin



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