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  Unit Head and Faculty Weekly Mailing 6-10-14


For Faculty and Staff


1. Grand Valley Social Media Guidelines


For Unit Heads


2. State to State Experiential Learning Regulations Reminder


3. CLAS Important Dates



For Faculty and Staff


1. Grand Valley Social Media Guidelines

GVSU has social media guidelines available at http://www.gvsu.edu/socialmediaguidelines.htm .


For Unit Heads


2. State to State Experiential Learning Regulations Reminder – Mary Schutten


I want to bring some current university conversations to your attention related to state to state higher education news. GVSU like every other institution in the country is subject to State to State regulations that affect distance education, which includes both online courses and experiential learning placements (clinicals, internships, co-ops, field experiences, independent studies – namely anything for which GVSU awards credit wherein the experience is in a state other than Michigan).


The university had hoped that a reciprocity agreement among states would be arranged before the July 1, 2014 deadline to comply with the existing regulations. Unfortunately, the agreement will not be complete before the date, and it appears from what we know now that the agreement primarily will focus on online courses, rather than experiential learning - which is the greater concern for GVSU.  As such, even with the agreement, if the agreement stays close to the latest draft that we’ve seen, we will need to seek authorization from states that heavily regulate experiential learning.

At present, this impacts our students who desire experiential learning in the following states: Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Washington, and West Virginia.

Action needed: please refrain from enrolling student internships in these states for AY 2014-15 (and until GVSU develops a centralized system and makes links with the states that it makes sense for GVSU to do so).

Action needed: If students in your unit are involved in a health-based internship, Jean Nagelkerk, Vice Provost for Health needs to have that information. Many units have already done so, if your unit has not, please inform Mary Ziomkowski  ziomkoma@gvsu.edu.


3. CLAS Important Dates

Important Dates



June 16

Classes end first 6 weeks


June 17, 18 and 19

CLAS Sabbatical Proposal Workshops – for details:



June 17-18

Exams first 6 weeks


June 18

CLAS on the Green

Volunteers and golfers wanted:clas@gvsu.edu

Supporting the CLAS Scholarship Fund.

 The Meadows

June 20

Drop Deadline – grade W – 12 weeks


June 23

Grades due from faculty before noon – first 6 weeks

Banner and Blackboard close at this time


June 23

Classes begin second 6 weeks


June 24-26

G3 Camp  


July 4

Independence Day Recess


July 21

Fall Staffing Plans due


July 25

Drop Deadline – grade W – 2nd 6 weeks


Aug. 1

Classes end 2nd 6 weeks and 12 weeks


Aug. 4-5

Final Exams


Aug. 6

Regular faculty on payroll


Aug. 11

Grades due from faculty before noon –second 6 weeks and 12 weeks

Banner and Blackboard close at this time




Aug. 13 & 14

 New Faculty Orientation

 Wednesday; 8am to 4:30pm

AM – Kirkhof Center; PM – Mary Idema Pew Learning and information Center

 Thursday, 8am to 3pm

Pew Grand Rapids Campus, DeVos Center 


Aug. 13

CLAS New Faculty Social

By invitation only

Aug. 19

Unit Head Retreat

3000 James H Zumberge Hall

Aug. 19

University Faculty and Staff Picnic

Great Lakes Plaza; 5:00pm

Aug. 20

Faculty Teaching and Learning Center Conference


Aug. 21

CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting


Aug. 22



Aug. 25

Fall Classes Begin





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