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Unit Head and Faculty Weekly Mailing 5-22-13


For Faculty


1. Affordable Care Act

2. Opportunity for Community Collaboration by hosting a Student Intern- Maria Cimitile

3. Time to Register for CLAS on the Green golf outing


For Unit Heads

4. Nominations for CLAS Student Advisory Committee

5. Unit Head Retreat

6. Important Dates


For Faculty

1. Affordable Care Act

Since 2010, GVSU has been implementing the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into our health plans. Beginning in January 2014, the ACA will add the “Play or Pay” mandate that will require the university to provide substantially all of our full-time faculty and staff members the option to enroll in our health plans. The regulations define a “full-time faculty and staff member” as someone who works on average at least 30 hours per week or 130 hours a month.  The University must comply with this mandate or risk a significant penalty tax.

GVSU has three employment categories that could be impacted by these requirements; adjunct faculty, adjunct administrative professional staff less than twelve months and temporary staff.  Faculty and staff in these employment categories have not been eligible to participate in the GVSU health plans. After careful review the university has determined that there will be no change in the benefit eligibility requirements for faculty and staff members in these employment categories.

Based on these requirements, beginning June 1, 2013 faculty and staff  noted  above must be limited to  weekly average hours of less than 30 or monthly hours of less than 130.

Appointment letters for each of the categories have been updated to include specific language relating to the maximum hours requirement and should be used for any new appointments from this date forward. Click on the following to find the updated appointment letter templates, revised appointment letters.

 We recognize that there may be some unique employment situations.  If you feel that you do, please contact us to review the specific facts and circumstances. For academic faculty and staff contact Joe Godwin, Provost Office and for other staff contact Dave Smith – Human Resources.

D. Scott Richardson
Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Grand Valley State University

Richards@gvsu.edu  (616-331-2215)


2. Opportunity for Community Collaboration by hosting a Student Intern- Maria Cimitile

The Hispanic Center has an eight week paid internship program for high school seniors that begins after K-12 schools end for the summer. How about adding one of these interns to work with clerical, community engagement projects, learn about research, or other ideas? Here is an opportunity to continue to strengthen our community connections, show future Lakers how great this place is, and for units get some additional help at no cost. If you have a position for a student, please contact Maria Cimitile.

3. Time to Register for CLAS on the Green golf outing

Help our scholarships and have a great time.  Fun, prizes and a great cause.


For Unit Heads

4. Nominations for CLAS Student Advisory Committee

CLAS Dean’s Office is looking to add a few more students to the student advisory committee. We have several members from CLA, CMB, BIO, AWRI, MTH and BMS. Do you have a student or two majoring in your program(s) who might welcome the opportunity to share ideas with the Dean? If so, please share the student name and major with Associate Dean Schutten so that we may invite them to join this committee.

Here is a description of membership:

The CLAS Student Advisory Committee is composed of students majoring and/or minoring in disciplines within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS). The purpose of the committee is to advise the Dean and the CLAS Dean’s office on matters of direct relevance to students as well as identify current issues relevant to students. 

Committee activities:

  • Attend scheduled meetings, typically 2-3 per semester over lunch or dinner
  • Suggest items for the agenda
  • Provide student perspective for  the agenda items
  • Identify  current issues  of interest  to students
  • Opportunity to choose to serve as a student representative on College committees and task forces related to student issues

5. Unit Head Retreat

The Unit Head Retreat will be Tuesday, August 20 in the Mary Idema Pew Library Multipurpose Room.  More details to follow.


6. CLAS Important Dates 

Important Dates



May 27

Memorial Day Recess – office closed


June 17

Classes End 1st 6 weeks


June 18-19

Final Exams


June 19

CLAS on the Green Scholarship benefit golf outing

The Meadows Golf Course

June 24

Grades due 1st 6 week classes before noon

Banner and Blackboard close at this time


June 24

Classes begin 2nd 6 weeks


July 4

Independence Day Recess – offices closed


July 17 by 5pm

Fall staffing plans completed

Send notice to Cindy Laug (laugc@gvsu.edu)

July 26

Fall draft contracts hand delivered to Unit Heads


July 29 at noon

Fall contracts due to Dean’s Office

Cindy Laug


Classes end 2nd 6 weeks and 12 weeks


Aug. 5-6

Final Exams


Aug. 12

Grades due 2nd 6 weeks and 12 weeks before noon

Banner and Blackboard close at this time


Aug. 14 & 15

New Faculty Orientation


Aug. 20

Unit Head Retreat

Mary Idema Pew Library      Multipurpose Room

Aug. 21

FTLC Conference

8:30am – 3:00pm; Eberhard Conference Center

Aug. 22

CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting

9:30am, Louis Armstrong Theatre,  Performing Arts Center

Aug. 23


11am; Field House

Aug. 26

Fall 2013 Classes Begin




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