Unit Head and Faculty Weekly Mailing 5-13-14


For Faculty and Staff


1. Open Dialogue: Students as Principal Investigators - From CSCE


2. Diving Deep in Community Engagement: A Model for Community Service-Learning Professional Development


For Unit Heads


3 CLAS Important Dates



For Faculty and Staff


1. Open Dialogue:  Students as Principal Investigators - From CSCE


The CSCE is pleased to host an  Open Dialogue on Tuesday, May 20th from 11:30am - 1:30pm at the Alumni House on Allendale campus. This Open Dialogue is being offered to extend the conversation of students as principal investigators along with other research policies and standards, as discussed in the  Research Protections Program Annual Update, which you received by mail a few weeks ago.

We hope you will attend in order to inform and engage in this conversation. Among our facilitators, President Haas will offer introductory remarks and Bob Smart, Vice Provost for Research Administration; will kick off a robust round of rotating panelists (contributing authors to the RPP Annual Update) who will summarize thoughts presented in their respective articles and respond to audience Q&A.

Lunch is provided.  Please RSVP at: - click on Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence.  Please contact the Research Protections Program with questions: | 331-3197.


2. Diving Deep in Community Engagement: A Model for Community Service-Learning Professional Development

GVSU's Community Service Learning Center, Faculty Teaching and Learning Center, and Office for Community Engagement are holding a campus viewing of a national webinar for community service-learning professional.  Beverages will be provided.


May 21, 2014, 2pm, Location: Kirkhof Center 1142
Diving Deep in Community Engagement: A Model for Community Service-Learning Professional Development will be an engaging conversation for current and future civic engagement practitioners, practitioner-scholars, and those who support their work. Participants will learn about a new publication of Iowa Campus Compact guiding professional development and career advancement for professionals focused on civic engagement. This new resource, available this summer, is based on the experience of participants in Campus Compact's Diving Deep Institute for Experienced Civic and Community Engagement Practitioners.    The webinar will review four categories, as outlined in the publication:

·         Organizational Manager

·         Institutional Strategic Leader

·         Field Contributor

·         Community Innovator

Presenters who helped to develop the framework and publication will reflect on their experiences and attendees will learn how to utilize this framework in order to think about and plan for their own professional development and the position of their work in the institution and community.   
  Presenters will include:  • Mandy McReynolds, Director of Community Engagement and Service-Learning, Drake University;  • Emily Shields, Executive Director, Iowa Campus Compact;  • Amanda Wittman, Director of Academic and Strategic Initiatives, Campus Compact

To register, please visit the  Seminar Registration site, under the Teaching & Learning category.  Please contact Valerie Jones with any questions at or 616-331-2345


For Unit Heads


3. CLAS Important Dates


Important Dates Event Location
May 26 Memorial Day   June 6 Drop Deadline  grade W - first 6 weeks   June 16 Classes end first 6 weeks   June 17-18 Exams first 6 weeks   June 18 Volunteers and golfers wanted: Supporting the CLAS Scholarship Fund.  
June 20 Drop Deadline - grade W - 12 weeks   June 23 Classes begin second 6 weeks   June 23 Grades due from faculty before noon - first 6 weeks  







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