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Unit Head and Faculty Weekly Mailing 4-8-14



For Faculty and Staff


1. End of Term in a Nutshell


2. Confidentiality of Student Work


3. GVSU Big Data Conference on April 25


4. Presidential Honor Roll Annual Report Request - From the Office of the Provost


5. Michigan Entrepreneurship Challenge - Please Share with Students - From the Provost Office


6. Next Year's Community Reading Project - From Brian Jbara



For Unit Heads


7. New Faculty Position (2015-2016)


8. Unit Head Retreat - Save the Date


9. CLAS Important Dates


For Faculty and Staff


1. End of Term in a Nutshell


Q. How do I find out when my final occurs?



Q. Must I have a culminating experience?

A. Yes.  As the semester draws to a close here's a reminder about the policy for final exams. University policy states that all classes must meet for a culminating experience during final exam week, on the appropriate scheduled exam day and time. In the event that the course structure involves a take home final or is an online course, the due date for submission of this exam should be the scheduled exam day and time. Both the Provost and the Dean expect compliance with this policy. There are no exceptions to this university policy.

Q. What's the weather policy during exam week?

A.  -closing-policy-67.htm


Q. Grades are due when?

A. All grades must be in before noon on April 29. Please plan to enter final grades prior to noon and leave contact information with your unit's office in the event of a missing grade or grades. Awarding an I (incomplete) includes filling out a short electronic form in addition to entering the grade.


Q. Why should grades be posted prior to the deadline?

A. The timely reporting of grades is for our students. Grades must be entered and reports run by the Records Office prior to May 1. This takes hours to complete and can impact students' academic standing, financial aid, and more. Sometimes grades are inadvertently missed.  Also, any grades of F require a last date of academic activity and failure to complete these requirements erases all  grades for that course-not just that one. This is why a contact number for each faculty member is so important.



2. Confidentiality of Student Work

A reminder to safeguard student work is also appropriate. Today, boxes and folders for collection and/or distribution of student work were seen in several hallways. While it seems efficient to place graded student work in the halls, this practice breaches confidentiality procedures. All student work should be returned in a manner that ensures confidentiality and reduces the likelihood of student work falling into inappropriate hands which could lead to plagiarism.


3. GVSU Big Data Conference on April 25 - From Ed Aboufadel

GVSU's second Big Data Conference will be held on Friday, April 25, 2014, in the Kirkhof Center.  A poster and networking session is at 8:30AM, followed by presentations beginning at 9:00AM.  This year's program includes keynote addresses on the subjects of capital punishment data and the ethics of data collection.  Registration is free.  To see the conference schedule and to register, go to


4. Presidential Honor Roll Annual Report Request - From the Office of the Provost  (attachment)

GVSU is gathering information for the 2013-2014 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.  GVSU was last a recipient of the award in 2011 and we hope to receive this prestigious award again in the future. We ask that you do your best to collect as accurate information as possible.

Attached please find a spreadsheet for your college. You will notice that we included courses that you sent last year. Of course, this information may have changed. Please add additional rows to include new courses as necessary, and/or delete those that no longer apply.

The Honor Roll has changed!  A larger focus is now being put on inter-faith service.  Please make a point to share any inter-faith type of service you are aware of.

The definitions we are using to categorize the information needed are the following:

  1. Academic service-learning (service that is integrated with academic course content and may include research);
  2. Co-curricular service-learning (not part of an academic course, but utilizing service-learning elements).

Below is a brief example. Please note that if you do not know the exact number of hours per student, you can estimate.



Acad. Service Course # of Students # of Hours/Student Total # Hours
for all students
# of Faculty # of Hours/Faculty
XXX320 (1 sect) 15 5 75 1 6 XXX340 (multiple sections) 100 20 2000 2 20 Co-curricular Activities # of Students # of Hours/Student Total # Hours
for all students
# of Faculty # of Hours/Faculty
Bikes for Kids 25 4 100 1 50


Both categories of Academic and Co-curricular  includes both direct and indirect services, but you need not report out on each (e.g. direct service may be providing food for the needy, while indirect may be assessing community nutrition needs). (The distinction is merely to remind you of the different types of service that you might include.)

Also attached is a form to use to report to us the top 3 Academic Service Learning Activities going on in your college.  Please complete the Academic Service Learning Activities form, one for each of the 3 activities being described.  Note: question 2 on the form asks for long term community partnerships you have established and annual community partnerships for 2013-14.

For further information on the Presidential Honor Roll, please visit

DEADLINE: May 1, 2014 due to college Dean; Please return the attached spreadsheet via email to Mary Schutten at  


5. Michigan Entrepreneurship Challenge - Please Share with Students - From the Provost Office

This is an opportunity for your students to participate in a Michigan Social Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Michigan Corps recently announced the  2014 Michigan Social Entrepreneurship Challenge to support individuals and teams with plans to launch or grow a social enterprise in Michigan.  

The competition is open to current or aspiring entrepreneurs with ideas to address challenges across the areas of unemployment, the environment, urban revitalization, education, health and nutrition, among others. The Challenge offers $70,000 in prizes and an opportunity to compete for a spot in Michigan Corps' Impact Investment Fellowship, a summer training institute designed to ready entrepreneurs for investment to scale.  For more information, go to:


6. Next Year's Community Reading Project - From Brian Jbara

Next year's Community Reading Project (CRP) selection is "Five Days at Memorial" by Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Sherri Fink. The CRP is an annual program at GVSU meant to engage/encourage collaboration between the GVSU and West Michigan communities through a common book read (see also

Some advantages of adopting the book in your class include:

-Author visits campus in March

-Teaching Group in August- meant to provide you with best practices/strategies for teaching the book in your course

-We hold TONS of great co-curricular programs around the book topics each semester, including panel discussions, contextual lectures, and group discussions.


Next year's selection, "Five Days at Memorial,", was chosen by the selection committee because it addresses very timely and important issues. Of particular note, Healthcare and Ethics, hospital management and emergency planning, criminal justice and the legal process, sustainability and the environment, death and dying, and social justice, among many others. 2015 represents the 10-year of Hurricane Katrina as well.

In the tradition of the best investigative journalism, physician and reporter Sheri Fink reconstructs 5 days at Memorial Medical Center (a New Orleans hospital ravaged by Hurricane Katrina) and draws the reader into the lives of those who struggled mightily to survive and to maintain life amid chaos.


This book has already been nominated for a variety of awards (including NYT Top 10 books of 2013), and will likely be nominated for the Pulitzer Prize this year. We are the FIRST campus in the country to adopt the book!

For Unit Heads


7. New Faculty Position (2015-2016)

The online request for new faculty positions will be open to you April 7 through April 16th.

Here is your link (which is the same as you used for requesting visitor lines)

Refer to Cindy's email of Thursday, April 3, for further details.


8. Unit Head Retreat - Save the Date

Please mark your calendars - The CLAS Unit Head Retreat will be Tuesday, August 19th in the new Zumberge Hall. 


9.  CLAS Important Dates


Important Dates Event Location
Apr. 7 - 16 Request new TT/AFF faculty positions for 2015  
Apr. 9 Student Scholars Day: A GVSU Tradition
Apr. 14 - 18 Unit Head informs faculty of increase categories   Apr. 16 Unit Head Meeting 3:00-4:15pm; 2215/2216 KC Apr. 16 Appreciation Reception for Gary Stark 4:30-6:00;                          special remarks at 5:00 pm Thornapple Room, KC 0058 Apr. 19 Classes End   Apr. 21 Banner Opens for Final Grading   Apr. 21-26 Exam Week   Apr. 26 Sabbatical reports are due for faculty who took sabbatical in Fall 2013 Due online
Apr. 26 Semester Ends   Apr. 26 Commencement Van Andel Arena
Apr. 29 Grades due from faculty before noon  
May 1 Traverse City Commencement Grand Traverse Resort, Traverse City May 1 Presidential Honor Roll Annual Report deadline (see item 4 above)   May 1 - 12 UH to receive salary increase spreadsheets - Tentative dates   May 5 Spring/Summer Classes Begin   May 7 Unit Head Meeting 3:00-5:00pm; 2215/2216 KC May 26 Memorial Day  



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