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Unit Head and Faculty Weekly Mailing 4-29-14


For Faculty and Staff


1. Transitions in College Office Staff


2. Zumberge Hall Moves


3. Presidential Honor Roll Annual Report Request - From the Office of the Provost


For Unit Heads


4. Unit Head Goal Setting with Dean Antczak


5. CLAS Important Dates


For Faculty and Staff

  1. Transitions in College Office Staff-from Dean Antczak

On behalf of everyone in the College Office, I would like to thank Ed Aboufadel for his good work this year as Assistant Dean.  We greatly appreciate his efforts.


I would also like to thank Gary Stark for years of service to the College.  Before retiring, Gary will continue to work with the Dean's Office by serving as Consulting Associate Dean.  


Please help me welcome Gretchen Galbraith as Associate Dean of Faculty Resources and Scheduling.  Gretchen will begin in the Dean's Office May 1st.


  1. Zumberge Hall Moves


As you may have heard, James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ) is near completion.  Below is a list of departments moving into JHZ, the move date and location. The move dates are preliminary and subject to change.


Office                                       Move date                    Location                                              

Faculty Governance                   April 29                         1000 James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ)

Institutional Marketing                April 29                         2090 James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ)

Accounting, Business &              May 1                           2015 James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ)

Finance and University Budgets

Payroll                                        May 1                           1035 James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ)

University Counsel                     May 8                           4068 James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ)

Human Resource Office             May 13                         1090 James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ)

University Communications        May 15                         4090 James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ)

Student Accounts                      May 15                         1049 James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ)

Office of the President               May 20                         3035 James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ)

The Provost Office                    May 20                         3090 James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ)

Inclusion and Equity Office        May 20                         4035 James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ)

CSCE                                       May 22                           049 James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ)

FTLC                                        May 27                          068 James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ)

Disabilities Support Resources  May 29                         4015 James H. Zumberge Hall (JHZ)


Also, the Anthropology Department will temporarily move April 30 to B-3-253 MAK until their new offices are ready in Lake Michigan Hall.


3. Presidential Honor Roll Annual Report Request - From the Office of the Provost (attachment)

As grading has ended, we thought it would be helpful to remind you of this important report that highlights all you do for students.  GVSU is gathering information for the 2013-2014 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll.  GVSU was last a recipient of the award in 2011 and we hope to receive this prestigious award again in the future. We ask that you do your best to collect as accurate information as possible.

Attached please find a spreadsheet for your college. You will notice that we included courses that you sent last year. Of course, this information may have changed. Please add additional rows to include new courses as necessary, and/or delete those that no longer apply.

The Honor Roll has changed!  A larger focus is now being put on  inter-faith service.  Please make a point to share any  inter-faith type of service you are aware of.

The definitions we are using to categorize the information needed are the following:

  1. Academic service-learning (service that is integrated with academic course content and may include research);
  2. Co-curricular service-learning (not part of an academic course, but utilizing service-learning elements).

Below is a brief example.  Please note that if you do not know the exact number of hours per student, you can estimate.


Acad. Service Course # of Students # of Hours/Student Total # Hours
for all students # of Faculty # of Hours/Faculty
XXX320 (1 sect) 15 5 75 1 6 XXX340 (multiple sections) 100 20 2000 2 20 Co-curricular Activities # of Students # of Hours/Student Total # Hours
for all students # of Faculty # of Hours/Faculty
Bikes for Kids 25 4 100 1 50


Both categories of Academic and Co-curricular  includes both direct and indirect services, but you need not report out on each (e.g. direct service may be providing food for the needy, while indirect may be assessing community nutrition needs). (The distinction is merely to remind you of the different types of service that you might include.)

Also attached is a form to use to report to us the top 3 Academic Service Learning Activities going on in your college.  Please complete the Academic Service Learning Activities form, one for each of the 3 activities being described.  Note: question 2 on the form asks for long term community partnerships you have established and annual community partnerships for 2013-14.

For further information on the Presidential Honor Roll, please visit

DEADLINE: May 1, 2014 due to college Dean; Please return the attached spreadsheet via email to Mary Schutten at  


For Unit Heads

4. Unit Head Goal Setting with Dean Antczak

Dean Antczak will have goal setting meetings with each unit head beginning mid-June to review your department goals.   Tracy McLenithan will contact you with available times.


5. CLAS Important Dates


Important Dates Event Location
Apr. 30 Last Day to Register for G3 Camp!  
May 1 Traverse City Commencement Grand Traverse Resort, Traverse City May 1 Presidential Honor Roll Annual Report deadline   May 1 - 12 UH to receive salary increase spreadsheets   May 5 Spring/Summer Classes Begin   May 7 Unit Head Meeting 3:00-5:00pm; 2215/2216 KC May 26 Memorial Day   June 6 Drop Deadline - grade W - first 6 weeks   June 16 Classes end first 6 weeks   June 17-18 Exams first 6 weeks   June 18  Volunteers and golfers wanted: Supporting the CLAS Scholarship Fund.  
June 20 Drop Deadline - grade W - 12 weeks   June 23 Classes begin second 6 weeks   June 23 Grades due from faculty by noon - first 6 weeks  



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