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Unit Head and Faculty Weekly Mailing 2-25-14


For Faculty and Staff

1. Dean’s Office Staffing Change

2. The Sabbatical Report and Your Clock


For Unit Heads

3. Salary Adjustment Process

4. CLAS Important Dates


For Faculty and Staff


1. Dean’s Office Staffing Change


Courtney Sherwood will begin her new role as Office Coordinator for the Kutsche Office of Local History on Monday, February 24th.   For eight years, Courtney has put her hand and talents to many kinds of work in our office, having served a time as database coordinator, producer of the CLAS Happenings poster, grant assistant, website co-pilot, front desk triage, proofreader, sustainability champion, and as she puts it, “whatever needs doing.”   While we will miss her, please join us in congratulating Courtney on her new adventure!


2. The Sabbatical Report and Your Clock

Just a reminder that an important part of the sabbatical process is the sabbatical report.  In fact, your clock does not start toward your next opportunity to apply for a sabbatical until the report is accepted by the Provost’s Office.   Here are some helpful links:


For Unit Heads


3. Salary Adjustment Process (attachment)

Just a reminder that by March 11, unit heads need to forward electronic copies (email or CD to B-4-232 MAK) to Cindy Laug of the Unit Head Summary of Peer Recommendations forms.  When recommending “Less than satisfactory” or “exemplary” performance, there must be a written justification; for untenured faculty, written justification is required for recommendations in all ranges and any concerns about their contract renewal, tenure, or promotion should be noted.

Once merit classifications have been confirmed by Dean Antczak (after March 20), the unit head will be notified by our office and the unit head must communicate to faculty their merit classifications. In the case of the untenured faculty, these faculty will sign the written performance summary (indicating receipt) and may, if desired, attach a response. Departments must maintain these signed forms for future use with personnel portfolios.

The Winter 2014 Salary Adjustment Process is attached for your review.


4. CLAS Important Dates



Important Dates



Feb. 17-Mar. 3; 5pm

Nominations are open for faculty governance elections


Feb. 25

Banner Closes at noon for Mid-term Grading


Feb. 27

Staff Roundtables

2263 KC

Feb. 28

Materials for W14 Promotion to Associate Professor only due to Dean’s Office (CLAS Personnel Committee)

Heidi Nicholson

Feb. 28

Salary recommendations for UH from their colleagues – due to dean’s office


Mar. 3

Nominations deadline for faculty governance committee election.  Please complete the nomination process by 5pm.  http://www.gvsu.edu/clas/faculty-governance-elections-147.htm


Mar. 3-7

Spring Break


Mar. 5-12

Voting in Faculty governance election


Mar. 7

Drop with a “W” deadline


Mar. 11

UH Summary of Peer Recommendations Due

Cindy Laug

Mar. 12

Unit Head Meeting

3:00-5:00pm; 2215/2216 KC

Mar. 17

S/S 14 Staffing Plans Due

Cindy Laug

Mar. 20

CLAS Faculty Research Colloquium

2:30-5:00pm; 308 PAD

Mar. 26

Unit Head Meeting

3:00-5:00pm; 2215/2216 KC

Mar. 28

Catalog copy changes due.


Mar. 31

Final day of early bird registration for Grandparents/Grandkids/Grand Valley Camp http://www.gvsu.edu/g3/2014-camp-registration-6.htm


Apr. 1

CLAS Sabbatical Showcase and Spring Celebration


Apr. 1

Affiliate Faculty Reviews due

To Cindy Laug; laugc@gvsu.edu

Apr. 7

Annual Award Celebration


Apr. 9

Student Scholars Day: A GVSU Tradition


Apr. 16

Unit Head Meeting

3:00-5:00pm; 2215/2216 KC

Apr. 19

Classes End


Apr. 21-26

Exam Week


Apr. 26

Semester Ends


Apr. 26


Van Andel Arena

Apr. 29

Grades due from faculty before noon


May 1

Traverse City Commencement

Grand Traverse Resort, Traverse City



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