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Thinking about writing a sabbatical proposal this summer?  

To: Sabbatical Eligible Faculty:


Nota bene--the new deadline for faculty to submit proposals is September 1.

CLAS FDC will be offering sabbatical writing workshops this summer for CLAS faculty- - Sabbatical Eligible Faculty:


Thinking about writing a sabbatical proposal this summer?  Want some help?  Come to the FDC workshop!

When: Th May 12 OR W June 1

Time:  1:00pm – 3:00pm

Where: GVSU Allendale (308 PAD)

Who: Any sabbatical eligible CLAS faculty are welcome

Register by emailing hardimak@gvsu.edu 

We will overview the application process and provide consultations for your proposal ideas.  


 In addition, the FDC will pre-read sabbatical drafts and give you feedback up until August 1.  Please contact the current chair of the FDC, Caitlin Horrocks for more information.


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