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A poster presented at the 2007 Student Scholarship Day

Student Research Opportunities and Resources

Students in the College are encouraged to make the most of the GVSU tradition of undergraduates undertaking significant research projects.  This webpage is intended to assist students in finding an appropriate faculty sponsor and to provide assistance in seeking resources. 

Begin by seeking a faculty sponsor in the appropriate Department


Seek Funding

 Art and Design 

      Cell & Molecular Biology
      Natural Resource Management 
Biomedical Sciences   
School of Communications 
       Advertising & Public Relations
       Film & Video
       Communication Studies
       Health Communication
       Master of Communication

Geography and Planning
 Integrated Science Program

 Modern Languages and Literatures
  Movement Science
 Political Science
         International Relations Program
 Professional Science Master (PSM)


Students seeking research opportunities are encouraged to see these links, consult the Grants Office and the faculty member most germane to the intended project.

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Natural Sciences & Mathematics


Present your Research on Campus

 Student Scholarship Day







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