College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

College Strategic Planning

The College has been engaged in the process of strategic planning since its inception in the 2004/2005 academic year. In 2010, a group of CLAS Faculty and Staff drafted the CLAS Strategic Plan 2015 which has been approved by the Provost's Office. In 2015 the new version of the plan was drafted and will be finalized about October 1, 2015.

Draft CLAS Strategic Plan 2016-2021 (loaded August 2015)

Current CLAS plan (loaded March 2011)

CLAS Inclusion Plan (loaded January 2010)

Quadrennial Report on the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 2004-2008
Pages Cover through 14     Pages 15-Back cover   (large files, PDF)

Annual Report 2009

AnnualReport 2010

Annual report 2011 (coming soon)


Unit Information

The College’s units have created strategic plans and assessments of their programs over the past two years. The College is now engaged in self-studies and assessment of teaching, following the guidelines of the University Assessment Committee, a faculty governance body. Below are the strategic plans of the departments, as well as working documents to help in the planning and assessment processes.

Strategic Planning Resources for Units

CLAS Unit Strategic Plans

CLAS - Mission, Vision & Values

Action Verbs for Cognitive Objective Writing

Critical Thinking Rubric

Unit Alignment

Questions?  Contact Associate Dean Mary Schutten


University Information

The University has recently completed it Strategic Plan for 2015. The plan was approved by the Board of Trustees in October 2009.

University Strategic Positioning 2015

GVSU's assessment page

WEAVE page

UAC Website – forms for Self-Study, Reporting Cycle, Assessment Cycle, Relationship among required documents

HLC/NCA Self-Study Information


Strategic Plan of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS)

Current CLAS plan ( 2011)


Strategic Plans of the Units within CLAS

The majority our departments have created or revised existing strategic plans that not only communicate the direction of the department, but highlight the excellent and innovative work of our colleagues. Please take a minute to review these plans to discover the creativity and intellectual rigor that departments provide to our students.

Anthropology Anthropology  
Art & Design Art & Design  
Biology Biology  
Biomedical Sciences Biomedical Sciences    
Cell & Molecular Biology  Cell & Molecular Biology  
Chemistry  Chemistry  
Classics Classics  
Communications, School of School of Communications  
English English       English M.A.  
Geography & Planning Geography & Planning  
Geology Geology    
History History  
Integrated Science Integrated Science  
Mathematics Mathematics  
Modern Languages & Literatures Modern Languages  
Movement Science Movement Science  
Music & Dance Music & Dance  
Philosophy Philosophy  
Physics Physics  
Political Science (and International Relations) Political Science  
Psychology Psychology  
Regional Math & Science Center Regional Math & Science Center  
Sociology Sociology  
Statistics Statistics  
Writing Writing  









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