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Samples of sabbatical proposals on the Provost's site  

Information on grants for sabbaticals from the Office of Sponsored Programs: http://www.gvsu.edu/grants/sabbaticals-45.htm

For the new Sabbatical Leave Template, Guidelines for Writing a Successful Sabbatical Proposal, and FAQs, please see the University Sabbatical Website: http://www.gvsu.edu/sabbatical/


Nota bene--the new deadline for faculty to submit proposals is September 1.

CLAS FDC will be offering sabbatical writing workshops this summer for CLAS faculty- - dates and details will be sent to to sabbatical-eligble CLAS faculty by the end of the winter semester.  In addition, the FDC will pre-read sabbatical drafts and give you feedback up until 5 days before the September 1 deadline.  Please contact the current chair of the FDC, Caitlin Horrocks for more information.

GVSU research is conducted in compliance with the university’s IACUC and Biosafety policies.

IRB Review Expectations for Sabbatical Proposals


CLAS Sabbatical Showcase


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