College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Those in CLAS Receiving Graduate Dean's Citations

Date: April 22, 2013

More than 40 graduate students will be honored with Graduate Dean’s Citation Awards at the Graduate Student Celebration April 19 in Loosemore Auditorium on the Pew Grand Rapids Campus. The students are being recognized for outstanding academic performance.

Graduate students can be nominated by faculty and staff, advisors, a graduate program director, a department chair or a school director. The nominees are reviewed by Jeffrey Potteiger, dean of Graduate Studies, in consultation with others involved in graduate education; final selection is made by the dean. Each recipient is given a certificate of recognition and a graduate honors cord to be worn at commencement Saturday, April 27.

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
•    Tamara L. Hillman, biology 
•    Kevin D. Deemter, biostatistics 
•    Lacey L. LaFave, cell and molecular biology 
•    April D. Best, English    

 Outstanding Master’s Thesis

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
•    Maisoun O. Al-sebaei, communications 
•    Pauline Bleuse, English 

Outstanding Master’s Final Project

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
•    Julie E. Batty, biology 
•    Jaimie M. Pineda, cell and molecular biology 
•    Laura J. Hill, communications

Excellence in Service to the Community or Profession  

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
•    Ehren R. Dueweke, cell and molecular biology 
•    Tyler J. Richardson, cell and molecular biology 
•    Jennifer L. Furner, English    

Excellence in Leadership and Service to GVSU

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
•    Charlotte S. Barth, biostatistics  
•    Jennifer L. Furner, English    


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