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Celebrating the 40 years of Doriana's service to GVSU

Date: January 23, 2014


In the Modern Languages and Literatures Department a momentus anniversary is taking place.  Doriana Gould is marking her 40th anniversary with GVSU.

She shares her thoughts on this milestone and a snapshot of her early employee card with us:

“Over the years, I have seen GVSU grow from a small college into one of the top public universities in the nation.  In four decades, the campus has undergone dramatic changes and I can truly say that I have been extremely fortunate to be part of its history.

I came to Grand Valley (then Grand Valley State Colleges) in 1974, starting in the Records Office.   After  2 years, transferred to Modern Languages, my “home” for the next 38 years. Working for MLL has been more than a pleasant experience, more like a gift, as languages have always been important in my life.   

It truly has been an honor to be part of GVSU.   Thank you for these 40 years.”

College Card

Congratulations, Doriana!

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