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New Online Placement Test for Mathematics

Date: March 5, 2013

GVSU students take Mathematical Foundations as part of their General Education requirements.  Determining appropriate courses has been accomplished largely through results on AP tests and on-campus placement tests, often taken during the summer when students come to campus for orientations and registration. 

Now students will have the ability to take these placement tests online.  This new functionality will allow students to complete the test prior to their orientations,  and will be of enormous help to international students who may not come to campus until the academic year is about to start. 

Through the work of David Austin (MTH) and supported by Ed Aboufadel (MTH), the online placement test became a reality this week.

Students will continue to be allowed two attempts at the test.

An e-mail address, MathTest@gvsu.edu, has been set up for students to send in
questions they may have about this new process.

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