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Dean announces Galbraith as new AD for Faculty Resources and Scheduling

Date: December 18, 2013

Gretchen Galbraith

It's my pleasure to announce to you the selection of the new CLAS Associate Dean for Faculty Resources and Scheduling, Gretchen Galbraith.

Many of you know Gretchen from her roles as Chair of Department of History from 2007 to 2011 and Interim Director of the Honors College (August 2005 to December 2006) or from her packed session at the 2013 FTLC conference or her participation as a table speaker at the CLAS Teaching Roundtables (“Game-playing across the Disciplines: how roles and victory objectives can deepen students’ ability to explore complexity”).  Some of you will know of her commitment to equity that is finding expression on the Faculty Salary and Budget Committee, as Co-Chair of the Ombuds Taskforce, and on the Ad Hoc Committee on Family & Maternity Policy.  Her work has been recognized in many ways including the Barbara Jordan Award (2011).  In her scholarly interest areas of European, British, Gender and Family History, Comparative Women’s and Social History,  she is the author of many articles, encyclopedia entries, presentations, reviews, and the book Reading Lives: Reconstructing British Childhoods, 1860 -1914 (St. Martin's Press, 1997).  Gretchen is a member of Allies & Advocates and is an Inclusion Champion.

I understand that she is currently helping to raise a puppy, so she is very likely exactly the glutton for punishment we are seeking.

As you know, the position announcement called for a convergence of important traits:

The ideal candidate will demonstrate a deep respect for the work of faculty and staff; a track record of tact, integrity and transparency; personal qualities of optimism, persistence, innovation and communication; familiarity with the Faculty Handbook; and abilities to apply and explicate it; skills/experience relevant to personnel processes and course scheduling to foster an environment for student success.

This role is both a great support to the CLAS faculty at times of great opportunity and of personal tragedy, and is also instrumental in making sure we use our precious human capacity to the best of our abilities and in the interest of our students.

I’m deeply grateful to an extraordinarily thoughtful and committed search committee who recruited a pool of wonderful applicants, made some very difficult choices to bring us three extremely well qualified and distinguished candidates, communicated with all of the faculty and staff of CLAS about their opportunities to hear from and comment on talks by these candidates, and provided their views of to me for my clearly difficult decision.  Because of their excellent work, I was never in danger of going wrong with such talented leaders as my choices.  My thanks to Chuck and Ed for giving us their time and impressing upon us the enviable depth of our bench.  We put the three candidates through a very thorough process and emerged even more deeply impressed by the leaders among us.

Thanks again to all who applied, and to the many people who participated in the events of the search.  Thanks to Gary Stark who for ten years has kept his sense of humor, been an acknowledged key resource person for faculty, and made a hard job remain attractive to our emerging leaders.  As he moves out of the position in May, we are all grateful that he will be around half-time while Gretchen works to gain encyclopedic knowledge of the Faculty Handbook, addresses whatever challenges that scheduling produces, learns the dean’s office quirks, and adjusts to the scale of our enterprise.  She will have the support of our office, and I know that all of you will join us in supporting her success.

Please join me in providing her with a warm welcome now and a booster shot in May when the actual transition will take place.


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