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Prof. Lai to be Visiting Scholar at Tel Aviv University

Date: July 2, 2013


Sufen Lai, Associate Professor of English, has just been offered a Visiting Scholar Fellowship at Tel Aviv University.  Her topic for her sabbatical is: Chinese Literati and the Bible: From the 19th Century to the Present.  Tel Aviv University has graciously given her access to its library and archives through the S. Daniel Abraham Center for International and Regional Studies from July 2013- May 2014.

A brief excerpt from her proposal states:  "Given the vibrant environment of Chinese Biblical studies and the rich results of scholarly research, I plan to focus my investigation on the teaching of the Bible as Literature in the recently revitalized climate of Biblical Literature Studies in China, particularly how the Bible is taught and approached in China’s academia today. I am also interested in studying how Post- Cultural Revolution writers use and appropriate the Bible in their writing in comparison with the May-Fourth writers in their appropriation of the Bible during the early part of 20th century. "

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