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Vail of AWRI wins Jack Vallentyne Award

Date: April 18, 2013

Dr. Janet H. Vail (AWRI) has been selected as the winner and recipient of the 2013 Jack Vallentyne Award.

Robert Letcher, on behalf of the IAGLR Awards, Conference and Outreach Committees, and the IAGLR Board of Directors IAGLR formally recognized Janet, Vail stating, "your important and sustained efforts to inform and educate the public and policymakers on Great Lakes issues, and as a consequence, raising awareness and support for Great Lakes protection and restoration."  

Dr. Vail  will be formally presented the Jack Vallentyne Award at the IAGLR 2013 Awards Banquet at the 56th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research (IAGLR 2013) that will be held June 2-6, 2013, on the campus of Purdue University, in West Lafayette, IN.

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