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Evolution for Everyone Winter 2013 Schedule

Date: January 23, 2013

Evolution 4 Everyone

~ WINTER 2013 ~

 The Evolution for Everyone group promotes cross-disciplinary, integrative education through the application of evolutionary theory.  Evolutionary theory provides a common meta-theoretical perspective through which scholars from diverse fields can broaden their understanding of topics ranging from biology and history to religion and aesthetics.


All students & faculty are welcome!! 

February 1 - The Evolutionary Paradox of Homosexuality (Mike Lombardo, Biology) 3:30 pm, Room 308/PAD

February 15 - Boys, Girls, Sports and the Myth of the Blank Slate (Robert Deaner, Psychology) 3:30 pm, Room 308/PAD

February 22 - (R)evolutionary Parenting (Gwenden Dueker, Psychology) 3:30 pm, Room 308/PAD 

March 15 - Issues in Naturalizing Consciousness (Eric Chelstrom, Philosophy) 3:30 pm, Room 308/PAD

March 22 - Sociality and Agriculture in a Social Microbe (Joan Strassmann, Washington University) 3:30 pm, 102 Loutit

April 5 - The Storytelling Animal (Maureen Wolverton, Liberal Studies; Brian Bowdle, Psychology; Rachel Lutwick-Deaner, English, GRCC) 3:30 pm, Room 308/PAD


For more info please contact:

Andrew Caminata (caminata@mail.gvsu.edu), Rob Deaner (deanerr@gvsu.edu),  Jodee Hunt (huntj@gvsu.edu), or Mike Lombardo (lombardm@gvsu.edu),

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