College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

HEALTH--Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, vocational

Cluster membership

First name Last name College E-mail
Merritt Taylor CLAS taylomer@gvsu.edu
Azizur Molla Health Prof. mollaziz@gvsu.edu 
Heather Wallace Health Sci & Nursing wallaceh@gvsu.edu
Chris Beaudoin CLAS beaudoic@gvsu.edu
Steve Glass CLAS glasst@gvsu.edu
Robert Smart CSCE and CLAS smartr@gvsu.edu
Deborah Lown CLAS lownde@gvsu.edu
David Kurjiaka CLAS kurjiakd@gvsu.edu
Ross Sherman CLAS


For more information or to join the Health Research Cluster please contact Associate Dean Shaily Menon.

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