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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Royer receives award

Emeritus Faculty and Staff of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Chester Alkema of Art & Design

Daniel Andersen of Physics

Carl Arendsen of Mathematics

Richard Atkinson of Chemistry*

Sandi Bacon, Director Emerita of Laboratory Support.

Carl Bajema of Biology

John H. Baker of Physics*

Mary Ellen Barber of Mathematics

John Batchelder of Political Science*

William Baum of Political Science*

William Bell of Biomed/Health Science

David Bernstein of Psychology

Fredrick Bevis of Biology

Roelof Bijkerk of Psychology

James Blakey of Psychology*

Joan Boand of Physical Education

Robert Burns of School of Communications*

Johnine Callahan of Biomedical/Health Science

Frederick Chapman of School of Communications*

Linda Chown of English

Edward Cole of History

Brian Curry of Biomedical/Health Sci

Gilbert Davis of English

Arthur DeLong of Psychology*

Dennis Devlin of History

Ronald Dwelle of Writing

Leslie Eitzen of Music

Walter Foote of English

Ursula Franklin of Modern Languages & Litertures

H. Weldon Frase of Psychology*

Catherine Frerichs of Writing

John Gracki of Chemistry

Paul Grishke of Music

Donald Hall of Physics

Thomas E. Hendrix of Geology

Arthur Hills of Music*

David Huisman of English

Paul Huizenga of Biology

Carl Insalaco of Psychology

Charles Irwin of Physical Education*

Allvar Jacobson of Anthropology*

Harry Jellema of Philosophy*

Jon Jellema, English

Jacqueline Johnson of Sociology

Constance Jones of English

Curtis Jones of Sociology

Robert Junn of Political Science*

Donald Kerr of Art & Design

Georgianna Klein of Mathematics/Stats

Carol Kountz of Writing

Charles Knop of Chemistry

Daniel Kovats of Music*

Norman Leeling of Biology

Richard Lefebvre of Geology*

William Levitan of Classics

John Lucke of Geology*

George MacDonald of Physical Ed/Rec*

Lynn Mapes of History

Robert Mayberry of School of Communications

Frances McCrea of Sociology

Betty McGhee of Psychology

Carl R. Meloy of Chemistry*

Daleene Menning of Art & Design

Dorothy Merrill of Health Sciences*

Deanna Morse of the School of Communications

Virginia Muraski of Mathematics/Computer Science

Rosalyn Muskovitz of Art & Design

William J. Neal of Geology

Glenn A. Niemeyer of History (also Provost)

M. Christine O'Connor of Psychology

Nathalie Ostroot of Sociology

Eileen Pare of Chemistry

Anthony Parise of English*

Richard E. Paschke of Psychology

Ronald Poitras of GPY/Urban Planning

Philip J. Pratt of Mathematics

Joseph P. Preston of History

Gary Richmond of Chemistry

Pedro Rivera-Muniz of Mathematics/Stats

Karel Rogers of Biology

Patricia Rowe of Movement Science

Doris Rucks of Sociology*

Louis Rus of English*

Linda Rynbrandt of Sociology

Laura Salazar of School of Communications

James Scott of Movement Science

Mary Seeger of Modern Languages & Literatures

Wilhelm Seeger of Modern Languages & Literatures

Mary Ann Sheline, Director Emerita of the Regional Math & Science Center

John Shontz of Biology

Janet Shroyer of Mathematics

Roberta Simone of English

Gary Stark of History

Howard Stein of Biology*

James Strickland of Physics

David Tanis of Chemistry

Norman Ten Brink of Geology

John Tevebaugh of History

Anthony Travis of History

Veta Tucker, English & African/African American Studies

Lois Tyson of English

Kathleen Underwood of History

Jill VanAntwerp of English

Donald VanderJagt of Mathematics*

Ronald Ward of Annis Water Resource Institute

Irving Wasserman of Philosophy*

Loretta Wasserman of English*

Robert R. Watson of English

Helen Westra of English

Sharon K. Whitehill of English

Donald Williams of Sociology

Ralph Wiltse of Mathematics/Computer Science*

Theodore Young of Philosophy*



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A retired faculty member of the university who has made a significant contribution to the university through a reasonable period of service is eligible for emeritus status. The president's recommendation to the Board of Trustees is made after consultation with the Dean, colleagues and vice-president.

Emeriti are listed in the university catalog, invited to attend meetings (ex officio), eligible to use library facilities, receive publications, participate in commencement, and are encouraged to continue an active role in the university.

CLAS is very proud of the rich contributions to teaching, scholarship, and service of its emeriti.

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