College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

CLAS of 2013

Each year the college invites our graduates to share their next steps on our website if they choose to do so.  Here are those received so far.

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First Last Major/s Plans
Kevin A.  Ahrens Advertising I plan to stick around west Michigan to land a job at a local ad agency.
Breann Allen Biomedical Science taking the MCAT and applying to medical school
Brittany Anderson Clinical Exercise Science After graduation I will be traveling to the Galapagos Islands and Argentina for a few weeks.  In July I will begin working on my Master's in Prosthetics and Orthotics at Northwestern University in Chicago.  I am planning to bring prosthetics to people in third world and developing countries.
Rachel Anderson Russian Studies;minor International Relations I plan to teach English abroad in Belarus.  I am currently waiting to hear whether I will receive a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship which would begin this fall.  If not, I plan to find a teaching job on my own in either Belarus or Russia.  After a year of teaching, I plan to take the Foreign Service Officer Test in hopes of becoming a U.S. diplomat.  If that falls through however, I would like to attend graduate school and most likely study International Relations, or an area studies such as Slavic or Eastern European Studies.
Trevor Armstrong Chemistry with a Bio emphasis and Biomedical Sciences Next year I will be attending the Michigan State College of Osteopathic Medicine
Joel Baker Music Education  I hope to find a full time position as a music educator, ideally as a middle and/or high school band director, in Michigan or in the Midwest.
Stephanie Barnard Mathematics I will be working full-time.
Grayson Barton Music Education  I will be searching for a K-12 teaching position.  
Isaac Billings BMS Filled with anticipation, I will be moving in July to the greater Denver area of Colorado in preparation for starting medical school at Rocky Vista University COM this fall.  My aspirations include becoming dual boarded in emergency medicine and general family practice, culminating in establishing a practice in a rural, medically under-served region.  Excited for this new chapter of my life, I would like to extend a special thank-you to the CLAS advising department, who aided in no small way my success in obtaining this opportunity.
Ellyse Birch Economics, Psychology, Spanish Thus far, my plan is to obtain full-time employment in a business or non-profit area. I am also looking forward to volunteering more in my community, and spending some time with family and friends.
Samantha Birch Writing; Business Minor  I will be writing for a publication in my hometown.
Ashley  Botts biomedical sciences  I will be attending Franklin Pierce University to get my doctorate of physical therapy in the fall.
Shane Bovee Physical Education, Concentration-Sports Leadership I will be Ticket Operations Intern at the Omaha Storm Chasers.
Laura Brady English with an emphasis in Elementary Education I am starting the job search and looking into graduate school within the next few years. 
Brandi Briones  Health Communications, Ad & PR After graduation, I will continue to volunteer with the American Red Cross of Greater Grand Rapids where needed, including communications projects, disaster services, and international services. In August 2013, I will begin my AmeriCorps FEMA term serving in the Atlantic Region with disaster relief. In the coming years, I hope to return to beautiful Grand Rapids to work in nonprofit communications.
Jacqueline Broder Clinical Exercise Science I will be moving to Cincinnati, Ohio to attend the College of Mount Saint Joseph DPT Program to become a Physical Therapist.  
Charlotte Emma  Buckley Biomedical sciences minor Chemistry  I will be attending University of Michigan College of Pharmacy - Ann Arbor in fall 2013
Samantha Bullat History After graduation, I will be getting married to fellow Grand Valley alum Michael McCarty in July. We will be starting our new life together in Williamsburg, VA, where Michael has a prestigious 7-year apprenticeship at Colonial Williamsburg. I hope to work for one of the local museums, and am considering grad school for museum studies. 
Rebekah Burney   Next year I will be going on an 11-month-long mission trip to 11 different countries:
http://rebekahburney.theworldrace.org/  When I return, I will be applying to medical school.
Alicia A. Burton Behavioral Science (Sociology Emphasis) I actually currently work in my planned field.  However, I plan on moving up the ladder. I work in the Non-Profit sector (DA Blodgett/St. John's).
Paul Bussey Geography/Planning I have been hired by the Northwest Michigan Council of Governments in Traverse City as Assistant Regional Planner. I plan to work for a few years before looking at grad programs.
Jaimie Chartier Psychology; Spanish minor I will be entering Graduate School here at Grand Valley in the Occupational Therapy program. 
Kayla Corbin Health Communications Immediately after graduation, I will start working full-time at David's House Ministries, a nonprofit that helps mentally disabled people, as their Special Events Director and also be working in administration.
Kate Coveney mathematics  Minor: physics I will be entering a Ph.D. program in physical oceanography at the University of Washington this summer with full funding.
Ashley  Crosby Psychology & Spanish Attending graduate school in the fall at WMU (downtown GR campus) for their Masters in Counseling Psychology program.
Danielle Dekoski  Biology I've been living in Florida for the past semester for an internship in the primate department at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo.  I'll be continuing the internship until May and then I have hopes to make a trip abroad.  After that I'll be considering graduate school for primatology or in animal behavior. 
Derek DenHartigh BIOS/CMB I intend to continue on with graduate school here (GVSU) as a member of the Woodrow Wilson teaching fellowship with the end goal of becoming a secondary education chemistry and biology teacher.  
Christopher DeWald BMS I will be going on to pharmacy school to get my Pharm.D at the University of Michigan this coming fall. 
Caleigh Dick English I hope to get into the Peace Corps at some point in the next few years. For now I am looking for a career where I can use my degree.
Brianne Docter Chemistry I will be attending the University of Michigan to pursue a Ph. D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology.
Elizabeth Dunnuck Natural Resources Management I will be working on an organic farm through the summer, then WWOOFing abroad in the coming winter. I will be looking for a permanent job after returning next spring.
Lauren Eibel Physical Education Pursuing a teaching job. 
Chelsey Fandrick Music Education Upon Graduation I will be looking for a job working with secondary ed students in the instrumental music classroom! I look forward to starting my career and exploring the next chapter in my life!
Ryan Farley Biomedical Science  I will be attending Michigan State University College of Human Medicine this coming fall. In the meantime I will be continuing my job as an ER Tech at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City, MI.
Lindsay Fisher Art and Design Emphasis: Metalsmithing and Jewelry  I just accepted a summer TA position to work with GVSU Professor Renee Zettle-Sterling at the Touchstone Center of Crafts for a Jewelry and Textile Fabrication Class. Also over the summer I am participating in the Society of North American Goldsmiths Annual Conference in Toronto and am showing my art work both locally and nationally.  I look forward to getting more involved with the Grand Rapids community by volunteering and eventually I plan on attending graduate school for the pursuit of becoming a professor.  
Megan Flynn Communication Studies After graduation I will be moving back to the Ann Arbor area where I hope to get a job as a copywriter or a related position in the marketing communications field. Ideally, I would love to work in higher education or the non-profit sector.
Katie Forsyth Political Science & Public and Nonprofit Administration I will be working for the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan in charge of all diocesan communications and policy issues. 
Amanda  Frazier EXE I am going to remain in the Grand Rapids area and continue in my part-time job of working with animals for the summer. I plan to take a certification exam at the end of May so I will be able to find a long-term position in my career field. Currently, I am in the application process of starting a part-time job here at my internship site. 
Mallory Fuhst Physics, minors in mathematics and philosophy After graduation I'll be pursing my Ph.D in Applied Physics at the University of Michigan.
Whitlie Galloway Communication Studies, focus in AD/PR I will continue working at Steelcase Inc. in Product Marketing in the Wood Category.
Amanda Gibson Biomedical Science I plan on finding a full time job and applying to Physician Assistant Schools this summer. 
Molly Goss Spanish I have been accepted as a 2013 Teach for America Corps Member and was placed in the Greater Nashville Region.  I will be moving to Nashville this summer after attended TFA institute in Atlanta and will be teaching either Spanish K-12 or Middle Grades 4-8 in Metro Nashville Public Schools.  In addition to teaching, I will be pursuing my Masters in Education from Lipscomb University.  I'm grateful for the education I received through CLAS and GVSU because it has prepared me to be a global citizen and impact the community that we live in!
Katrice Graves Natural Resource Management In May, will be starting an Internship with the Environmental Services Department for the City of Grand Rapids. I hope to get some hands-on experience storm water management and testing water quality.
Carly Hall Sociology/Spanish minor I will be moving to Florida/Puerto Rico to work full time for a Christian missions organization, TEAMeffort. 
Katherine Hammond Psychology; Applied Linguistics minor I will be traveling to South Korea for a year to teach English as a second language. 
Tara  Harris Photography I am going to be looking for a job in my field of photography and eventually will be opening my own business.  At the end of the summer I'm moving to Detroit, Michigan. 
Steve Hintz Integrated Science  I will be working for a non-profit organization called Cru for at least one year in Tilberg, Netherlands, where I'll have the opportunity to build relationships with Dutch college students and teach them about what Christianity really is all about.  
Mike Hoehn Social Studies for Secondary Education and a minor in history I am getting married in the summer to my beautiful fiancee.  We are searching in the U.S. and abroad for a place where we can live out our passions and pour into the next generation of students.
Brianna  Jackman Chemistry major, emphasis in Biochemistry and biotechnology I will be attending Wayne State for graduate school in the fall. 
Amy Jenkins Biomedical Science Major - Microbiology Emphasis I will be attending Wayne State University's School of Medicine in the fall. 
Patrick Johnson   I have been accepted to Ross University School of Medicine and have already begun this course of study while still working to finish essential classes required by GVSU to attain a Bachelors in Science
Mercedes  Joshua   I will be attending DePaul Law School in the fall.
Kristin Kampenga Biomedical Sciences  I will be taking a year off. I plan to go on to graduate school for Physician Assistant Studies
Nicholas Karelse Integrated Science; a minor Religious Studies I have accepted a job, starting in May, as the Assistant Director of Activities at SpringHill Camps in Evart, MI. 
Josie King Biology After graduation I will be taking some time off to prepare for graduate school in hopes of going for a Masters of Biology in Forensics
Dean Krum PEDX Trying to get into the police academy back at home. Thanks!
Jared Lamp Chemistry with Biochem/Biotech emphasis Graduate school starting Fall 2013 at Notre Dame. I am going for my Ph.D in Bioanalytical chemistry. 
Jonathan Lehmann Chemistry; minor  Mathematics Next year I'll be starting graduate school at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I plan to pursue a PhD in the field of organic chemistry.
Mary Leonard Statistics;minor Mathematics It has definitely been a long road and I am elated to be finishing! As of now, I am leaving my options open. I will probably try to find a temporary job while I take time to decide if I want to pursue a graduate degree. 
Andrew  Lund Classics (Classical Languages and Classical Tradition emphases), minor  Art History I will matriculate to the Ph.D. program in Greek and Latin Philology at the University of Cincinnati.
Ellen Lundgren Art & Design with Visual Studies emphasis; minor in writing I will be moving to Austin, TX to work part-time as a remote Regional Campus Organizer for the Secular Student Alliance, based in Columbus, OH. I hope to fill the rest of my time as an artist and entrepreneur.
Jesslyn Lupo Philosophy and Writing I will be returning to GVSU in the fall to begin the masters program in accounting.
Kristin Madendorp Health Communications;  Ad/PR minor I will be directly entering the workforce in the Grand Rapids area to gain more experience in my field.  I hope to volunteer abroad in a year, helping with health education and awareness.
Ronni  Magee Integrated Science elementary education  I plan to look for a teaching job in west Michigan and will be teaching summer school 1-3rd grade this summer in Shelby, Michigan. 
Matt Martella Broadcasting; Business minor I just accepted a job with the National Alpha Tau Omega Headquarters in downtown Indianapolis, IN. My title will be Communications Consultant, traveling to campuses around the country making feature videos that highlight the success of local ATO chapters.  I am beyond excited to start and I am so grateful to GVSU for all the opportunities you gave me to succeed.
Lauren Masud Advertising and Public Relations; minor Theatre I plan to move back to my hometown of Frankenmuth for the summer and spend time with family. I have had quite a few  job shadow opportunities with small creative firms on the east side and am excited to see what comes of that. I plan to travel with family and friends this summer while I am searching for my job. 
Hannah Matro Professional Writing;  minor Business I will be working at Fusion Education Group as a marketing assistant and content writer.
Jordan Maxey BIOS In the fall, I will begin medical school at the University of Michigan.
Shealyn McGee Photography After graduating I am returning to my internship here in Grand Rapids from last summer/fall with Steven Huyser-Honig's Michigan as a photography studio assistant, this time as a full time job.  I am the company's only employee and will be helping it grow even more than it already has.  I also am going to be doing some freelance photography for the Holland Sentinel and hope to keep designing for some clients as well.  In the future I hope to land myself a graphic design job.
Mason McGillicuddy Biomedical Sciences I will be attending University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry following graduation.
Alyssa Mira Biomedical Sciences; Chemistry minor I will be attending Wayne State University starting in the fall 2013 semester as a part of their Doctorate of Physical Therapy program.
Sarah Josephine  Mohney   I will be job searching and applying for graduate assistant position for 2014 in hopes to attend graduate school. 
Brigid Molloy Spanish; Business minor  I will be attending law school at New England University School of Law in Boston. 
Nicholaus Monsma Biomedical Sciences  Attending Michigan State Medical School
Alexandra Moralez Spanish for Secondary Education;m inEnglish for Secondary Education I will be teaching Spanish and English for the Ogden City School District in Ogden, UT. 
Elizabeth Morse Creative Writing  After graduation, I plan to make a move out to California in hopes of pursuing a career in film. Ideally, I’d like to become a screenwriter, eventually making the transition to directing and producing films. I’d like to go back to school in a few years, but I haven’t decided for what yet. If I go to graduate school, I’d like to earn a Doctorate’s degree in Creative Writing with focuses in nonfiction and poetry. If I go to film school, I’d like to pursue a degree in directing and screenwriting. I’m hoping to also be a lyricist. Music and film are two driving forces behind my pen, so being involved in any way possible with those are always top priorities for me.
Lauren Mroz Elementary Education, Integrated Science  I will be starting a new job as a lead teacher at Appletree Christian Learning Center.
Kayla Myers BIOS I will be attending the University of Michigan School of Dentistry starting in June 2013. 
Jordan Nestor Biomedical Sciences; Chemistry minor Attending Michigan State College of Human Medicine
Jerika Nguyen Biomedical Sciences, minor in French : I will be attending the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy in the Fall. This summer, I will continue working at Spectrum Health and Parkwood Pharmacy.
Edwin Ortiz Psychology I will be entering a Ph.D. program for clinical psychology next year.
Amanda Paison Psychology; Criminal Justice minor. Starting in the fall of 2013 I will be attending Valparaiso University Law School to receive a JD in Criminal and Human Rights Law and a Masters in Psychology.
Joshua Pegg PLS I have accepted and will be starting law school at Michigan State University next August. 
Brandy Phillips Psychology, Minor: Women and Gender Studies After graduation I plan to take some time off before hopefully finding a job that incorporates both my major and minor. 
Amber Pung Psychology; Sociology minor  I will be starting graduate school in Occupational Therapy in the fall at GVSU. Go lakers!
Paul Quist Biomedical Sciences; Spanish minor This fall I will begin the Doctor of Pharmacy program at Ferris State University College of Pharmacy.
Holly Reed Biomedical Sciences;  minor Biology I will be attending the University of Michigan next fall for Pharmacy school. Thank you!
Trazy Richter Spanish I am going to go to work for a non-profit in New York City (specifically Staten Island).
Ashley  Rife BIOS I will be attending graduate school for pharmacy school at the University of Charleston in West Virginia beginning in August 2013.
Kara Romstadt Clinical Exercise Science. I will be entering graduate school at GV for physical therapy. 
Sarah Roper Exercise Science  I will be attending the DPT program here starting in the fall. :)
Marissa Schapman Secondary Education Mathematics;minor in Psychology  I will be moving to Beijing, China to take part in a full time teaching position. I will be teaching conversational English to high school students while living in an unfamiliar culture for two years. 
Connor Scholten Mathematics and Statistics  I will be attending graduate school at Michigan State pursuing a masters degree in industrial mathematics.
Shelby Schwarzkoff Public Relations; minors in Hospitality & Tourism Management and Theatre I have secured a full-time, paid internship working in the events department at Quicken Loans in Detroit, Michigan.  In the future, I aim to work for a major corporation coordinating in-house events.  I'd prefer to move to a larger city, as well.  In addition, I plan to go back to school in a few years to obtain my Master's degree.  Grand Valley has definitely prepared me to embark on this new adventure and launch my career!  I am very excited to see what the future holds.  Laker for a lifetime!
Corey Simon ENG Language and Literature  I'll be starting seminary in the fall at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC.
Keith Smiley Biomedical Sciences  Enrolled at the University of Detroit-Mercy School of Dentistry class of 2017 with a four year scholarship from the Army through the HPSP (Health Professions Scholarship Program).
Lindsey Smith Biomedical Sciences;  minor Spanish 2013 Entering Medical School (Michigan State University College of Human Medicine)
Adam Snoap Biomedical Sciences  I am going to be attending Indiana University School of Medicine in the Fall.
Lauren Spaans Biology, with secondary education emphasis; minor Spanish, with secondary education emphasis  I have obtained a teaching position beginning September 2013. I can't wait to begin my teaching career!
Erica Speckmann Psychology I will be continuing my education at Oakland University to receive a Masters of Arts in Counseling!!!
Trevor Spoelma Psychology and Management After graduation, I'll be attending grad school, joining the Management & Organizations PhD program at the University of Arizona in August.
Sarah Stickney Exercise Science: Clinical Emphasis I will be starting a new job.
Shawnkeisha Stoudamire Creative Writing; English minor, African American Studies minor study abroad on the Slave Trade and Literature program in Ghana June 12-July 13. Graduate school at Eastern Washington University in Spokane, Washington for MFA in creative writing.
Julia Strunk Anthropology; Archaeology minor I will be working in Grand Rapids for a year and applying to grad schools in the US and abroad for a Master's program in Anthropology or Museum Studies. 
Kate  Tamer Psychology/Special Education I'll be moving to Arizona where I have landed a job as a special education teacher! Before starting my job in the fall I'll be traveling New Zealand and Australia for a month. 
Sarah Tenney MTHX EDU I'm going to be taking a year off to work before graduate school.
Lindsay Trevethan History/Art History  I am taking a year off before going to Grad School. During my year off I am moving home to work.
Alex VanOverloop Biomedical Sciences I will be attending dental school at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry, class of 2017.
Stephanie Voelck Art Education When I find a position I will be teaching art somewhere in the Grand Rapids Area. Until then I will be substitute teaching and creating, always.  
Eliza Jayne  Von Hagen Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design I received a creative director position at Hook in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their clients include Toyota, Old Spice, Google, Oreo, Nintendo etc. I'm graduating from Grand Valley State to start my dream job—right next door. 
Stephanie  Weinstein Broadcasting  I will be working at FOX 17 news in Grand Rapids as an associate producer. 
Blake Wickerham ATH I have accepted a graduate assistant position working as an athletic trainer in NC State University`s sports medicine department. I will be furthering my education in Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Sports Management.
Maxwell Wingelaar Biomedical Science In the fall I will be starting medical school at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, to pursue my MD. 
Shelby Woodby ANT After taking a break (I'll still find a job), I plan on going to grad school, and possibly the Peace Corps as well.
Leanne Woodwyk Public Relations  I will be continuing with my current job that I landed from my internship! I am joining the team full time in May! 

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