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We asked our 2009 graduates "What's next?" and here's what we learned.  The College wishes our new alumni well!

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First Surname Plans Major,minor
Jeanine Anderson I will be attending University of Wisconsin Law School. p.s. Thanks for the support. Go Lakers!!!!! Political Science
Steve Asiala I will be attending the University of Notre Dame in the fall to pursue a Ph.D. in the Department of Chemistry. Chemistry
Adam Barr I will be going into the work force as a copywriter for advertising agencies. I have received an opportunity to work at an agency named DONER, at their Cleveland office. The Communications department has done so many great things for me, and I want to thank you. Advertising PR
Kerri Becktell I wilI be heading off to medical school at the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University in the fall.
Biomedical Sciences
Sally Beemon I will be graduating at the end of spring semester.  I will be taking the rest of the summer to travel and then I will be joining Auto-Owner's Insurance Headquarters this fall as a programmer.  I am a math major.  Thanks! Mathematics
Brittany Benson I will be starting at the University of Michigan Medical School this fall. Thanks! Chemistry with a biochemistry emphasis
Tamie Bird I am going immediately to graduate school for Library Science. English
Ellen Bjorkman I'll be attending grad school at GVSU in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program :) Biomedical Sciences
Robert Boerkoel I will be attending the GVSU Police Academy this summer and hope to get a job with a local police department or the U.S. Border Patrol. Criminal Justice and Spanish, Sociology minor
Zachary Boeskool I will be entering Optometry School at Ferris State to get my O.D. Biomedical Sciences
Edriana Bougrat Fermin After graduation I'm going to GVSU for the Doctor of Physical Therapy program in August (class of 2012)!!! Clinical Exercise Science
Chris Boven I have been accepted and will be attending the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for a Ph.D. in Neuroengineering with a fellowship. I am a Bert-Price scholarship recipient and thank Grand Valley very much for giving me the opportunity to attend here. Psychology
Carley Breen I will be attending Physician Assistant school here at GVSU starting this fall.  
Jene Brown I am applying for the Grand Valley School of Social Work Master's program. Spanish
Mark Bryson I plan to eventually go Graduate School in the next few years but I will be taking a break from Schooling.  I'll be spending my summer working at the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch in New Mexico from May - August.  I have also been nominated for a Peace Corps position in Central or South America teaching dealing with water/health/sanitation education. I don't know details just yet. I won't start service till February of 2010 if I accept the position. Chemistry
Susan Burchet I will be taking a few more classes in the Fall and then looking for a position out of state. English
Ryan Bylsma I will be attending Wayne St. School of Medicine in the fall. Biomedical Sciences
Joseph Celello I am planning on attending law school next fall (Cooley Law School in Grand Rapids). English/literature
Doug Clements I am entering the work-force but will be working abroad. I will be teaching English in Taiwan for a year and then re-evaluating my career path. Advertising PR, Philosophy minor
Katie Conn I an now applying for an elementary teaching position Mathematics with an emphasis in elementary education.
Travis Cree I am entering grad school here at GVSU in the fall pursing the PSM degree in Biostatistics. Statistics
Becca Danz I'm leaving this week to teach English in Romania with the Peace Corps. Communications
Alex Debano I plan on traveling after school. Communications
Hong Dinh I will be attending Bastyr University (school of naturopathic medicine). I hope to become a naturopathic physician in the future, and would also like to learn and practice acupuncture and oriental medicine. Please feel free to add this information to your website. Thank you for all that you and the college has done for me and so many others in these past four years. Biomedical Science
Kelsey Duda I have been promoted to President & Chief Operations Officer at Digital Wingman, a privately-held international corporation with investor backed subsidiaries focused on delivering strategic visualization solutions to niche markets. Also I plan to attend MSU for Intellectual Property and Communications Law within the next few years. Advertising and Public Relations, Business (minor)
Angelique DuLong I intend to immediately enter the workforce with a job in design. Art & Design with an emphasis in Graphic Design, Advertising & Public Relations minor
Michele Dupuis I will be starting medical school at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine in August. :) Thanks! Biomedical Sciences
Peter Duran I'll being going abroad to Spain to teach English for a year before I go back to grad school. International Relations
Keisha Durant I accepted a fully funded offer starting fall '09 from Stanford University where I am now enrolled in the M.S program in the department of Geological and Environmental Sciences.  My research will be within Stanford's Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling Research Consortium  which is funded by several industrial affiliate members.   Geology (Hon.)
April Dutcher I will be moving to Chicago for the year, looking for a job in a hospital, and beginning the application process to physician assistant graduate school. Biomedical Sciences
Elizabeth Eastman I will be continuing my education at GVSU's Physician Assistant Program. I am a "3+3" student so I already have my first year completed in August and will graduate with my MPAS in April 2011. Biomedical Sciences
Hunter Eberly I have been accepted into the Artist Diploma program at the prestigious Conservatory of Music at The Colburn School in Los Angeles California. All programs within the Conservatory of Music are fully endowed; tuition, food, and room and board (across from the new Walt Disney Concert Hall) costs are paid for by the endowment. I am the only graduate student to be accepted into the trumpet studio this year, and am extremely excited to be given this opportunity. Music
Emily Elandt I will be attending PT school in the fall. Clinical Exercise Science
Julie Ethier I will be taking one more year of classes sand applying to medical schools again. Biomedical Sciences
Juan Faraoni This fall I will be attending the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis and will be getting my Master of Arts degree in Psychoanalysis and Culture. Thanks. Sociology
Ryan Fitzgibbon I will be entering the MFA in Design graduate program at the California College of the Arts this Fall. Art & Design
Jillian Foerster I will be attending the University of Wisconsin- Madison for graduate school in their Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics Program under a Monsanto Fellowship Cell and Molecular Biology, Business minor
Ariana French I am taking a break over the summer, and then returning to Grand Rapids to find a job in social work and gain experience before going back to school for my MSW. Psychology
Kenneth Games I will be attending graduate school at Auburn Univeristy in Auburn, Alabama. I will also serve as the graduate assistant athletic trainer for Auburn's Swimming and Diving Teams. Athletic Training
Stephen Gardner I will be studying Medical Physics at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Physics
Nicole Gauche I am doing a summer internship in Dallas, Texas with a genetic counselor and medical geneticist after which I will enter the workforce. I plan on applying to grad school for a masters genetic counseling next fall and begin a program in August 2010.   Cell and Molecular Biology
Kate Geskus Right now my hope is to enter the work force as a medical translator, but my real plan is to go to graduate school for library sciences a couple years from now. English lit and Spanish lit double major
Deana Girbach Beginning this fall, I will be attending GVSU's Physician Assistant Studies program. Biomedical Sciences
Jared Green I will be attending the College of William and Mary for Law School in the fall. Hope that helps, Economics and German with Honors
Andrew Hamilton I'm graduating with a master's in communications, most likely continuing with my part-time job at The Grand Rapids Press. Communications
Katie Harcastle I will be attending graduate school at Illinois State University studying archaeology. Anthropology and Psychology
Mary Harris I will be going to grad school at GVSU for occupational therapy. Psychology
Elizabeth Hart I will be attending graduate school at the University of Chicago to pursue my masters degree in social service administration. :) Behavioral Sciences, Profit Administration minor
Jennifer Heldt After school I intend to get a position in a high school teaching chemistry and coaching basketball. Chemistry with a secondary education emphasis
Phil Hellman I will be attending MSU medical school in August. Biomedical Sciences
Eric Helmdoldt Entering the work force Biostatistics Masters
Tammie Hendrickson I will be moving back to my hometown Mattawan in July and I am currently searching for a job relating towards the educational field or the history field. I am considering applying to Western to complete my Master’s degree in history.
Group Social Studies with an emphasis on secondary History, History minor
Daniel Holder Within the next year or so, I plan to use my Social Studies major to obtain a teaching job in Secondary Education. However, I am also pursuing work within the community of Grand Rapids in non-profits or other service orientated fields. Social Studies
Daniel Hollern I will be continuing my education at Michigan State University. I will be working as a graduate assistant while pursuing a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology at the School of Natural Sciences. Biology
Emily Hope I plan on pursuing graduate study at Bowling Green State University in the Fall. Music Composition
Kaydee Hrisca I am attending Emory University in Atlanta, GA for Physical Therapy School this summer (3 year doctoral program). Psychology
Jessica Jackson In the Fall of 2009, I will be attending the University of Michigan's Rackham graduate school. There, I will study for my masters degree in Modern Middle East and North African Studies. History, Middle East Studies minor
Kelsey Jansen Van Galen I'll be attending Simmons College's Graduate School of Library and Information Science, specializing in Archives Management. This program is located in Boston, MA, so I'll be heading out there for the fall semester! Classics
Courtney Jones I will be attending The Ohio State University's Optometry Program in the fall. Biomedical Sciences
Rachana Kanvinde I am proud and happy to be graduating this semester and equally excited to walk this weekend. My future plans are to seek employment in the field of cancer research, work for a year or two and then proceed to pursue a Ph.D in Molecular or Cancer Biology. Since I love to travel and see different places I might just do my Ph.D outside the US. Cell and Molecular Biology
Nathan Kaufman I start medical school this summer. I will be attending Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. I am pretty pumped.
Biomedical Sciences, Psychology
Kylia Kelley I will be going to MSU to get my MA in German starting this fall.  
Jonathan Kidwell I will be entering the workforce. Physical Education with a Professional Instruction emphasis, History-Teaching minor
Diana Klein I plan on going into the Peace Corps. Anthropology, double minors in Middle East Studies and History
Katherine Klinefelter I will be going on to graduate school after GVSU at Kansas State University as the Graduate Teaching Assistant in Trumpet Performance. Music
Rachel Koch I will be attending MSU's DO school (doctor of osteopathic medicine). Biomedical Sciences
Charles Kovalik I will be working abroad for a time before entering grad school. I will be in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and then Prague, London, and Paris. I haven't yet decided on a grad school, I'll be touring around trying to pick one. Film/Video Production
Kelsey Kruis I will be entering graduate school in the fall at Kansas University to pursue a PhD in Slavic Languages and Literature. I received free tuition, a $15,000 stipend, and a teaching assistantship to teach first-year Russian. Russian Studies
Mallory Kuehl I will be entering the workforce and then going on to grad school in about a year. Exercise Science
Kait La Porte Attending graduate school for an M.A. in Ethnomusicology at the University of Washington Music
Kelly Laeder I will be looking for a job on the East side of the state in an elementary school, and looking into Grad schools for school counseling. Elementary Education Group Social Studies
Tina Louise I will be attending graduate school at the University of Michigan. I will be working towards a Masters in Clinical Social Work. Psychology and Women and Gender Studies
Jenny Lucchese I begin work on the 26 of May in Jackson Hole Wyoming as a wildlife technician with the forest service. I interned with them last summer. My bachelor's degree in biology was part of my qualifications for the job. I will be doing animal surveys and collecting other field data for the job. It is full time and goes to the end of October. Biology
Molly Mahoney I am going to graduate school for a masters in sports leadership. I am attending Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Advertising PR
Joe Mariucci I will be entering the workforce after graduation. I hope to be working as an advertising copywriter in Detroit. Advertising PR
Brett Mason I will be returning home to Lansing to work for the summer before attending law school, this fall, at Michigan State University College of Law. Natural Resource Management, Legal Studies minor
Alissa Massie I will be attending Arcadia University in Glenside, PA for physical therapy school beginning in August. Biomedical Sciences
Megan Mater I'm going to be attending the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in the fall. Chemistry with a Biochemistry/Biotechnology emphasis
Chris Maxwell I will be attending Grad school to complete my teacher certification through GVSU. Social Studies, Health minor
Lena Meredith I will be joining the workforce for about a year, and then hopefully going to graduate school to get my MSW. Psychology, Sociology minor
Lauren Nicole Miller I will attend Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Biomedical Sciences, Honors College
Tiffany Miller I will attend Logan University for a Masters in Sports Science and Rehabilitation Biomedical Sciences
Zach Murray I'm going to be joining the work force as soon as I find a job. Broadcasting with a Production Emphasis
Jeremiah Natte I'm going to take a few years off and I hope to be working on my master's within five years. I'm hoping to come back to GVSU for my master's. History
Kyle Naumann I plan on moving out west to snowboard for a season as I search for my direction. Peace Corp and like organizations have intrigued me as well as the possibility to return to college to obtain a M.S. in Mathematics. Nonetheless, I will continue to pursue knowledge. Mathematics
James Niewinski I will be taking a break, and working as a server at the Winchester. I'm hoping to travel, and live life wherever it takes me. BRC
Mary Nuznov I will being going to grad school at Ball State to get a master in communication studies with a focus in interpersonal communication. Communication Studies
Casey Otradovec GVSU Occupational Therapy Program starting in the Fall '09 Behavioral Sciences
Geoffrey Patterson I will be attending the University of Hawaii - Manoa in August for my Ph.D. Mathematics, Statistics minor
Jessica Peters I will be entering PhD program in Philosophy at Binghamton University--SUNY this fall (SPEL program--Social, Political, Ethical, and Legal Philosophy). Philosophy
Nathan Plaskey I will be entering podiatric school in Ohio at the Ohio College of
Podiatric Medicine.
Biomedical Sciences
Anna Polso This fall I will be attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor as a student in their college of Pharmacy, working towards my PharmD. Biology, Chemistry minor
Christiana Poynter After graduating this semester, I'm going to take a break. I'm expected to give birth to my firstborn within a couple of weeks, so for now the plan is to spend time at home with the baby until circumstances dictate otherwise. English, Mathematics minor
Shauntya Renee I will be attending grad school in the fall at University of Utah, for a M.Ed. in Educational Policy & Leadership. Advertising PR
Vanessa Reynolds I will be attending the Physical Therapy graduate program at GVSU in Fall 2009. Biomedical Sciences
Hannah Rodgers I am unsure what I will be doing when I graduate, but most-likely I will be working for either the Student Conservation Association or Amercorps. History and Anthropology
Ryan Rosso This fall I will be living for a year in France while I teach English in a public High School. When I return I plan on attending graduate school to eventually receive my Ph.D. in Linguistics. French, German minor
Natalie Ruggow I will be attending graduate school hear at Grand Valley in the CSAL program in the fall. Biology
Joshua Sadowski Going to graduate school at Michigan State University for a Masters in Social Work. Psychology
Amy Sawade I will be entering my second year in the professional world as the Public Relations Specialist at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. In the near future, I will be pursuing my APR accreditation. Advertising PR
Jack Schaner I'm uncertain what my future will entail. I might be continuing my education in 2010 with an MSW and/or I might enter Americorps in the fall. Psychology
Christie Schichtel I will be entering the workforce although the details are yet to be determined.  I am considering AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps. French, Nonprofit Administration minor
Ashley Senters I will continue working at my current part-time job at RediDental Emergency Dental Care in Holland and volunteer part-time at Saint Mary's Health Care doing communications writing in Grand Rapids. I currently live in Grand Haven and plan to continue searching for full-time work in the local area. Advertising PR
Matea Sills I will be going to graduate school for College Student Affairs. I have received an assistantship with Grand Valley's Housing and Residence Life. Advertising PR
Megan Sills I will be attending the University of Michigan in the Fall for their Masters in Social Work program Psychology, Sociology minor
Alexandra Sixbey-Spring I will be moving to California with my family, working for the ACT Association, a non-profit organization, and possibly working for Americorps for a year or two. I plan to travel and also pursue a graduate degree. Political Science
Robert Slider I have been awarded a Graduate Assistantship in the Biology Department next year working with Dr. Hollister and so I will be attending GVSU for at least two more years as a graduate student. Biology with Honors
Amy Sluiter I will be going to grad school: University of St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland for an M.Litt in International Security Studies. International relations
Brittanee Smeltzer After graduation, I plan to begin working at Dodson Photography to transfer the business from portraiture to commercial photography. We plan to begin seek out potential clients in the Grand Rapids area. Also, since GVSU purchased my entire 26 image senior thesis collection to add to the new building next year, I plan to begin looking into locally publishing my thesis in an ABC book (due to the theme of the body of work).   Photography, Entrepreneurship minor
Shana Smith I hope to receive a full time elementary teaching position but will be substitute teaching until that time. I plan on returning for graduate school in a year or two. English/Language Arts, Elementary Education minor
Meagan Sommerfield will be looking for a kindergarten teaching position either here in Michigan or Florida.  Group Social Studies
Michael Sonneveldt I am entering the work force. English
Kathleen Tafler I will attending graduate school in the fall of 2009. I have been accepted to the Michael G. Degroote Medical School at McMaster University of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  
Michael Telfer I am moving abroad to Taiwan to teach English next year. History
Jake Tighe I will be working at Burger King. Political Science, Writing minor
Laci Verdusco I joined Teach for America and will be teaching Middle School ESL in Houston while getting my Master's in the two coming years. Sociology, Spanish
Alicia Vincent I will be attending the masters program in Communications at the University of Denver. Communications
Sarah Wagner I will be entering graduate school for a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science in the Fall, and have not yet decided where I will enroll for an online program.
Kyle Wallner Hey, I'm off to grad school. Music
Kendra Weesies I will be pursuing my Master's in Occupational Therapy at Grand Valley State University's graduate school.   Psychology
Amber Welling I will be entering the workforce. I accepted a teaching job in Ogden, UT in an elementary school. PEDX
Kaitlyn Wightman I will be earning my MFA in Fiction Writing at Columbia College Chicago starting Fall 2009. Creative Writing, English Literature
Stephanie Wroblewski Next fall I will begin graduate school at UIC's Jane Addams College of Social Work to work towards an MSW. Psychology
Amanda Zoratti I will be seeking a job in the workforce at the end of this semester. Mathematics with Elementary Education certification
Kimberly Zwiers I will be, hopefully, working around here in the fall as a teacher. I am so excited to graduate and finally have a classroom of my own! :) Physical Education K-12 with an elementary education minor and a coaching endorsement.
Clark   Entering grad school at Wayne State for Public Administration. And working at an HMO. Health Communications


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