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CLAS on Video

Members of the faculty and some of our students in the College can be seen at the links below.

Stage Combat Workshop in full swing!


Professor Amy Russell of Biology studies bats.


Professor David Alvarez of English on his roots in Gibraltar and his teaching

(Feel Like You Belong)


The Laker Marching Band


Al Steinman (AWRI) on Michigan water


Paleo Olympic Games


Kindschi Hall of Science dedication


Learn about the new Annis Water Resources Institute Field Station:

Dean Antczak on Hope and Change


Dean Antczak's Wheelhouse talk


Check out what goes into a great theatrical production like Antona Garcia:


RMSC YouTube channel (which includes the G3 Camp Slideshow):


In 2013, Billband performed at GVSU to lauch composer Prof. Bill Ryan's latest album.  Listen and watch here:


2012 Great Lakes History Conference keynote address (Beatrix Hoffman, professor and chair of the history department at Northern Illinois University, presents a history of the American health care system)  is recorded in its entirety by BookTV:

Al Steinman of AWRI TedX on blue water economy

2011 CLAS Alumni Career Panel Video on GVSU YouTube

Campus TV covers Homerathon 3 and LipDub (2010)

GVUS LipDub 2010 on YouTube


CLAS Enrichment Dinner Video 2010


Charles Pazdernik of Classics speaks at the Obama and Antiquity conference

Kelli Rudolph of Classics speaks at the Obama and Antiquity conference


Bronzecasting project pour:

Classics major Timothy Flanders performing Homer's Odyssey 9.1-20 (in Greek with original musical accompaniment):