Police Academy

Military Police Basic Training Program - 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: Military Police Basic Training Program - 2014 program session - approved!

MCOLES has created a basic military police training program specific to military police veterans who are interested in transitioning to civilian policing. The Military Police Basic Training Program (MPBTP) will offer qualifying military police veterans the option of attending a seven week basic police training academy, rather than the full course of study. Curriculum includes legal matters, patrol procedures, detention, police skills, traffic, and special operations. Any military police veteran interested in this program must meet all MCOLES pre-employment standards, including passing the physical fitness test (exit standard), and the reading/writing examination.  In addition, applicants must:

  • Have performed as a military police officer for a minimum of 2080 hours in a specified law enforcement occupational specialty (MOS);
  • Have satisfactorily completed military police training at a federal service school;
  • Possess an honorable discharge or be currently serving;
  • Have discontinued employment in the specified law enforcement MOS for no more than five years before the start of the program;
  • Have proof of Professional Rescuer certification that is valid throughout the duration of the MPBTP.

Grand Valley State University has received permission to operate a MPBTP session in 2014.  Applications will be available on January 31, 2014 and can be accessed only by downloading and printing documents as posted on the website.  Please direct any and all questions to Director Julie Yunker at by phone or e-mail.

Page last modified January 15, 2014