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Welcome to the GVSU School of Criminal Justice.  As part of the College of Community and Public Service at Grand Valley State University we are focused on increasing the understanding of justice based issues for students, practitioners, policymakers and community members.  The School of Criminal Justice offers undergraduate degree programs in criminal justice and legal studies as well as a graduate degree in criminal justice with special certification program in our police academy and military basic training academy.  

The School of Criminal Justice faculty consists of full-time faculty and part-time adjunct faculty members providing a mixture of academic and professional perspectives across the areas of policing, courts, corrections, legal studies, law, juvenile justice, private security, social justice, criminological theory, public policy evaluation and cultural justice issues.  Faculty members provide local, regional, national, and global perspectives of  crime and justice issues in the classroom and through their scholarship.


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Inside out Students, prison inmates learn side-by-side

Inside out Students, prison inmates learn side-by-side

August 31, 2016

GV-Magazine - Jacquelynn Doyon-Martin, Ph.D. Assistant Professor in the School of Criminal Justice

SCJ Newsletter

SCJ Newsletter

July 06, 2016


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