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Criminal Justice Major

The Criminal Justice Major


The School of Criminal Justice offers a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts and a master’s degree in criminal justice. Students take a variety of required and elective courses to educate them as critical thinkers and to provide them with a comprehensive knowledge of the field. The school also offers an undergraduate major in legal studies for students seeking to become paralegals. For information about the paralegal program, consult the legal studies section in the Grand Valley State University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog. Summer course offerings will be determined on an annual basis. Please check the schedule of courses.

Director: Bailey; Professors: Bailey, Johnson, Kingshott, Mullendore, Associate Professors: Gerkin, Kierkus, Stevens, Yalda, Ziembo-Vogl, Assistant Professors: Doyon-Martin, Jones, Kanaboshi, Walsh.  Internship Coordinators: Bravender and Johnson

The Criminal Justice Major and Minor

Undergraduate Courses


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