For over 40 years the Children’s Enrichment Center has been providing affordable quality care for Grand Valley’s students.  The CEC has served as a resource for student parents, supporting them along their educational journey while they balance family, school and work.

Research shows that affording child care is the primary obstacle for completion of higher education degrees. The CEC is asking for your support. 

On April 19, 2013 the children and staff will be walking from 11:30am-12:15pm on campus to raise attention about the needs of pregnant and parenting students (the walk will start at the Clock Tower at 11:30).   Would you join us in this effort?

Click here for the registration form for the walk.  All funds will be used to create Student Parent Scholarships to be distributed this fall.

Thank you for helping to lessen the burden that many of our student parents face, as they struggle with the responsibility of financing their own tuition while paying costs for child care.

Registration Deadline has been extended to April 5, 2013.

Page last modified March 27, 2013