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Advisory Board

Established in 2005, the Children's Center Parent Advisory Board was first developed to gather needed input from a diverse group of parents being served by the then named Children's Center. As this continues to be an important part of their role, they have also come together to meet other needs as well.

Advisory Board Mission

To advocate on behalf of all young children and families, by assuring quality of service, beneficial programming and support services that lead students, children and parents to intellectual growth, curiosity, and a love for learning.

The purpose of the CECAB is to perform in an advisory capacity to the Children's Center administrative staff. Children's Center administrative staff will solicit support with programming, advocacy for young children and families, and input that keeps us purposeful in accomplishing the centers mission.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Attend meetings on a monthly basis.
  • Assist with scholarship review.
  • Support family programs.
  • Advocate for all families and students at the children center.
  • Act as an appeals board when needed.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Assist administrative staff with program assessment:
  • Ensure fair policy
  • Maintain accountability
  • Work to incorporate new policy

Advisory Board 2015-2016

  • Sarah Lord- GVSU CEC
  • Jenny Evert- GVSU CEC
  • Daphnea Sutherland-  GVSU CEC
  • Erika Wallace-  Financial Aid Office 
  • Sarah Beaubien-Mary Idema Pew Library Learning and Information Commons 
  • Nathan Kemler- Art Gallery
  • Aleada Carver- GVSU Student Parent