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  • Governance Structure
  • Steering Committee
  • Standing Committee Members and Semester Charges


  • Scholarship: Weldon, Volunteer Researchers, Research Space Application Travel Reimbursement Forms
  • Teaching: CHM 399/499, Lab Waiver, Waiver and Substitutions, Graduation Audit, Late Add/Drop Policies, Student Academic Misconduct
  • Advising: Rotation of Chemistry Courses, Registration Forms, Course Repeat Policy, Advising Resources
  • Personnel: Salary Evaluation, Standards and Criteria for Evaluation, Pre-tenure Review Process, Faculty Mentoring 

Scholarship Opportunities

  • Internal Course Development: FTLC
  • Internal Scholarship Funding: CSCE - Mini Grand, Interdisciplinary Research Incentive, Early Career Research Stipend, Faculty Research Grant-in-Aid
  • Student Scholarships: Chemistry and unrelated opportunities 
  • External Scholarship Funding: ACS-PRF, NSF, NIH, Dreyfus


  • Distribution of Office Duties
  • Phone Number Database
  • Location of Office Supplies
  • Copy Center Instructions
  • Stockroom Policies