All Spotlights » Deborah Herrington Receives NSF DRK-12 Award

Principal Investigator Deborah Herrington, associate professor of chemistry in the Chemistry Department at Grand Valley State University, will be expanding and further studying the Target Inquiry (TI) (  She received an NSF DRK-12 award for the project titled, “Collaborative Research: Further Development and Testing of the Target Inquiry Model for Middle and High School Science Teacher Professional Development.”  Herrington will receive $1.1M over the next five years to support middle and high school science teachers working through the intensive, 2.5-year professional development program along with an in-depth, longitudinal study of the effects of TI on its teachers and their students.

The GVSU TI study is coupled with a separate $1.35M grant awarded to Miami University (GVSU) Principal Investigator, Ellen Yezierski, associate professor of chemistry in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. Yezierski will direct the implementation and study of TI in chemistry at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio ( Herrington and Yezierski created the TI model in chemistry and began its implementation and study in 2006 with support from GVSU, the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, and NSF. They hope to replicate the success of the previous TI implementations with their two derivatives in this $2.45M collaborative research project.


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