GVSU at the 246th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society

Date: October 4, 2013

Several GVSU faculty and students attended the 246th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Indianapolis, IN from September 8-12, 2013.  The contributions of the GVSU chemistry department are highlighted below:

Dr. Richard Lord co-authored 5 talks given at the meeting by collaborators.  Four talks were hosted by the Division of Inorganic Chemistry:  “Dinuclear metal complexes for the cooperative activation of heteroallenes”, “Design and synthesis of ligands and homobimetallic complexes for the activation of heteroallenes”, “Six coordinate Fe(II) complex featuring tetrazine-based pincer ligands that can act as a four electron storage unit”, and “Chemical reduction studies of a bulky pincer ligand attached to Fe(II): Evidence for ligand-based redox activity”.  One talk was hosted by the Division of Analytical Chemistry: “Multifaceted examination of multielectron transfer reactions.”

Dr. Thomas Pentecost gave a talk entitled “Use of a construct map and Rasch analysis in assessing student understanding of chemistry concepts” in the session “Innovative Uses of Assessments for Teaching and Research”.

In the same session, Dr. Jessica VandenPlas gave a talk titled “Assessment instruments as research tools: An eye-tracking study of expert and novice chemistry problem solving”, co-authored by Dr. Thomas Pentecost and GVSU student Jessica Vogl.                      

Dr. Matthew Hart and his research group gave 2 poster presentations at the meeting.  Students Jacqueline Williams and Alex Zuhl presented a poster titled “Progress towards the development of urea based modulators of the trace amine associated receptor”.  Students Jeremy Whitmore and Olivia White presented a poster titled “Progress towards the regioselective nucleophilic ring opening of aziridines.”                                                                

Dr. Deborah Herrington and Target Inquiry Teachers Deanna Cullen, Debra Johnson, Matt LeaTrea, Michelle Mason, Alice Putti, Doug Ragan, Ryan Schoenborn, Visiting Professor of Chemistry at GVSU Angela Slater, and Dr. Ellen Yezierski (Target Inquiry director at Miami University, OH) presented a session titled“Engage your students in scientific practices with Target Inquiry activities, developed and tested by teachers” as part of High School Chemistry Day on Sunday, September 9th.      

Dr. Dalila Kovacs gave a talk entitled “Biomass conversion to value-added chemicals: A divergent approach with mechanistic insights” as part of the session Small Splash, Big Waves: Research at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions, hosted by the Division of Organic Chemistry.  This session was organized and presided over by Dr. Shannon Biros.  Dr. Biros also collaborated with undergraduate student Shelby McGraw and Dr. Eric Werner from the University of Tampa to present a poster at the meeting titled “Synthesis and solution studies of new tripodal CMPO ligands for f-element extractions.”

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