Brad Wallar


Associate Professor (2008-present), Dept. of Chemistry, Grand Valley State University
Assistant Professor (2003-2008), Dept. of Chemistry, Grand Valley State University

Telephone: (616) 331-3807 (Padnos), 331-5879 (CHS)
Office: 327E Padnos Hall, 558 CHS

B.S. Biology, University of Michigan-Flint (1993)
Ph.D. Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics, University of Minnesota (2000) - John Lipscomb's Laboratory
Post-doctoral training, Van Andel Institute (2001-2003) - Art Alberts Laboratory of Cell Structure and Signal Integration

Research Interests
Our laboratory studies a family of mammalian proteins (the Diaphanous-related formins or DRFs) that play a major role in the regulation of the cytoskeleton. While the DRFs are involved in so many important cellular processes, it is important that these proteins are tightly controlled. We use a variety of biochemical, cell, and molecular biological techniques to determine specific protein interactions that serve to regulate the function of the DRF proteins.

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