B.S. - Biochemistry and Biotechnology Emphasis

The biochemistry and biotechnology emphasis is recommended for students interested in attending biochemistry graduate school or in obtaining employment in biochemical laboratories. This emphasis is also appropriate for students interested in attending professional health schools, such as medical school and pharmacy school.

The following courses are required for the Biochemistry and Biotechnology Emphasis:

1. General university degree requirements as identified in the General Academic Policies section of the catalog.

2. 26 semester credit hours of CHM core courses with a minimum grade of C in each:
CHM 115 Principles of Chemistry I
CHM 116 Principles of Chemistry II
CHM 222 Quantitative Analysis
CHM 225 Instrumental Analysis I
CHM 245 Principles of Organic Chemistry I4
CHM 246 Principles of Organic Chemistry I Lab4
CHM 247 Principles of Organic Chemistry II4
CHM 248 Principles of Organic Chemistry II Lab4
CHM 391 Chemistry Seminar I3

3. A minimum 2.0 GPA in required cognate courses.

Transfer students must complete at least 12 credits in chemistry at Grand Valley.

4. Biochemistry and Biotechnology Emphasis:

CHM 351 Introduction to Physical Chemistry
CHM 352 Applied Physical Chemistry
CHM 461 Biochemistry I
CHM 462 Biochemistry Techniques
CHM 463 Biochemistry II1
CHM 491 Chemistry Seminar II3
MTH 201 Calculus I2
PHY 220 General Physics I2
PHY 221 General Physics II2
BIO 120 General Biology I
BIO 375 and 376 Genetics with laboratory

Cognate options: choose 10 additional credits from these choices:

CHM 490 Chemistry Laboratory Internship*
CHM 499 Investigation Problems*
BIO 357 or HS 212/213 Microbiology with Laboratory
BIO 432 or HS 290/291 Physiology with Lab
BIO 405 Cell and Molecular Biology or BIO 414 Molecular Biology of the Gene
BIO 406 Cell and Molecular Biology Lab
BIO 416 Advanced Genetics Lab
BIO 426 Nucleic Acid Lab
BIO 423 Plant Biotechnology
HS 312/313 Bacterial Genetics Lab or HS 322/323 Bacterial Physiology with Lab

Students interested in graduate school should take the following:

CHM 356, 353, 358, and 355 or 455 instead of CHM 351 and 352
PHY 230 and 231 instead of PHY 220 and 221
MTH 202

*Variable credit courses. Up to six credits in CHM 490 and 499 may apply. Internship and research projects must be approved in advance by advisor.
1Capstone course.
2Completion of MTH 201, PHY 220 and 221 satisfies the B.S. degree cognate for technical emphasis.
3 Required of all chemistry majors. Two semesters of seminar are required for one credit. Students should register for zero credit in their first semester and one credit in their second semester. CHM 391 is required only of students who take their junior year in chemistry at Grand Valley.
4CHM 241 and CHM 242 may substitute for CHM 245/246/247/248. However, students must also take CHM 249 plus upper-level chemistry electives that include a total of 28lab-hours.

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