To submit concepts or projects to the Laker Effect Challenge, you need to complete the on-line application.  This can be found here

No.  There is a Laker Effect Committee which ultimately has to make the final selection on which seven ideas will be presenting at the event. However, the vote tally is strongly considered in the decision as an endorsement from the community, and it’s a wonderful way to tell others about what you are thinking/doing!  Disseminate those ideas!  Find NEW collaborations!

The deadline to both submit ideas and vote on ideas is three weeks prior to the event (excluding holidays).  For example, Fall 2017, the event is November 30, therefore the submission deadline is October 31 (excludes the Thanksgiving holiday).  This should give the committee enough time to determine who is presenting, and presenters enough time prepare for the competition.

If you are chosen by the host committee to present your idea, you will be notified within three days of close of submission and voting.

Any idea submitted after the deadline cannot be considered for the coming Laker Effect Challenge.  However, it is strongly suggested to submit for the next Challenge, with Challenges being every April and December.  

If your idea was not chosen for the competition for which you submitted, you must resubmit the idea for any future competition.  You can submit the same idea or project as many times as you would like!  Unless of course you win, which excludes you from submitting the same idea or project again. 

The only way to submit an idea for the Laker Effect Challenge is through the on-line application found at the Laker Effect Challenge website.  This consists of a one paragraph description of the project, the amount of the requested funding, and a short biography of the submitter.

Once you submit the application, your idea or project description can be seen publicly and voted on by any logged in user in Facebook. Ideas can be submitted at any time during the submission timeframe here.

Keep it simple. Where do you come from and what do you do? Is there relevant experience you bring to your project? Do you have past successes which support your chance to be successful with this idea?

It should be simple and concise, but well thought out. What is the problem you are trying to solve?  How are you proposing to solve the problem, and what might have already been tried?  What are possible road blocks?  What difference will solving the problem have?  What funding do you need, and who is, or will be, your community partner?

Contact us at challenge@gvsu.edu and we will help you figure it out!


Voting opens up on October 15, 2017 (12:00am). 

   You can vote through this form. You can vote once per day, and your first five votes will go towards the total. 

Yes--you have one vote per day, and your first five votes will be counted towards the total. 

It was decided that one of the most vital aspects of the Laker Effect Challenge is the opportunity to share ideas. Therefore: the vote, to get “eyes on projects” and disseminate the great community contributions Lakers make!

If one idea appears to have an unusual number of votes due to an attempt to game the system, it will be disqualified.

The Laker Effect Committee also reserves the right to disqualify any proposal for any reason at any time.


The top seven ideas, based on votes and the Laker Effect Challenge committee review, will present at the Laker Effect Challenge event. The judges at the event will solely decide which projects will be funded and how much.  Judges will be from the community.

In addition, there will be a poster presentation on November 30and the top vote getter of the poster presentation will receive $500 cash.

No, the ideas that win the vote are the ones that might advance to the presentation stage of the competition. That is all.  Up to $5,000 in award money is decided solely by the judges once all of the presentations are heard.

Judges are looking for a project that is a really smart idea and how with a little money, a strategic next step can be taken. Ideally the “seed” of funding for the project has an amazing capacity to grow. 

Judges are selected by each of the GVSU Colleges and the Laker Effect Challenge Committee.  They will be selected from a diverse group of community stakeholders.

Page last modified September 22, 2017