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Workshop Schedule

Sustainable Food Workshop

For Secondary Education and College Teachers

August 6th and 7th

GVSU, Allendale Campus

What should teachers know about sustainable food programs?  CESME and GVSU's Office of Sustainable Practices will offer a workshop on August 6th thru 7th to answer this question.  The workshop will explore starting and maintaining such a program at school.  Topics to be covered include how to start an instructive agricultural program with limited resources are available, agricultural projects appropriate the  classroom, and growing sustainable foods in class.    Visits to the university farm and perhaps other local farms will be included.

 The workshop fee is $50.  Academic credit and State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs) will be offered.  

To register or for more information, email with your contact information.


Guided Inquiry into Energy Technology Workshop
For College and Secondary Education Teachers
Coming August 13 and 14.
GVSU, Allendale campus

Michigan's energy technology industry is advancing rapidly. Millions of dollars are being spent to establish Lithium-ion battery and wind generator manufacturing plants in the state. A creative and diverse workforce must be trained so that the community can take advantage of the increasing employment opportunities within the energy sector. This hands-on, active-learning workshop will provide insight, resources, and references that will help educators present energy science and technology in the classroom. Information on the scientific basics, current use, and future development of various energy technologies will be presented. In addition, illustrative group projects and laboratory experiments will be demonstrated. Participants will be asked to prepare and share a lesson plan incorporating the workshop resources. All enrolled will receive copies of the workshop materials and participant lesson plans.

The course fee is $50. Also, Graduate and SB-CEU Credits are available for this workshop.

To register or for more information, email with contact information, teaching experience, and reasons for interest.


CESME's mission is to help establish the necessary conditions for quality learning in the sciences and in mathematics in the nation's colleges and universities.

CESME, through its programs, fosters cooperation and collaboration among the nation's college and university faculty for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing teaching excellence and promoting inclusiveness and equity in science and mathematics education.

The Center for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education, CESME, was inaugurated in February of 2004 as a special program of GVSU's Honors College. Several workshops and intensive short-courses were held that year, including two one-week workshops on Process-Oriented Guided-Inquiry Learning sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and offered to faculty from colleges and universities across the nation. In May of 2005, the University Academic Senate recommended that CESME be established as a University program, and CESME began operating a regional Field Center for the NSF Chautauqua Short-Course Series for College Teachers. The program is an annual series of forums in which scholars at the frontiers of the sciences and education fields meet intensively with college science and mathematics teachers. In 2008, CESME inaugurated a workshop series, offered by GVSU faculty, in pedagogical advancements for post-secondary teachers in the Great Lakes region, . The program was presented in cooperation The Center for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education with the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center and the Steelcase Corporation.


In Cooperation with the Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies

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