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The GVSU Business Plan Competition would not be possible without the participation of our ambitious students.

Please join us in congratulating their dedication to entrepreneurship, Grand Valley State University, and the West Michigan community.

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 2013 Top 9 Finalists

ulandra reynolds

Ulandra Reynolds  Senior - Public and Nonprofit Administration Major

All Things Weaved is a web-based company with the mission to set the industry standard becoming a clearing house for African American Hair Extensions, African American Hair Products, Product Reviews, and Community Engagement.
tyler richardson

Tyler Richardson  Graduate Student - Master of Science in Molecular & Cellular Biology

BioInteract is an academic publishing company which produces high quality, vivid, and competitively priced learning tools - especially in the area of anatomy.
capable solutions

Jacob Hall  Senior - Product Design/Manufacturing and Biomedical Engineering Major

Capable Solutions designs and manufactures specialized products (Solutions) for children with disabilities who require the need for an assistive mobility device such as a walker, crutches, or wheelchair because of their physical or mental condition. Our mission is to allow kids with disabilities to be more socially active with their peers and family as well as have the same experiences as other children.

austin dean

Austin Dean  Graduate Student - Master of Business Administration

Collective Metrics is a consulting start-up that quantifies the social impact for nonprofit and for-profit company programs and services. Quantitative measures can help businesses validate impact and confirm ROI.
idea marketing

IDEA Marketing & Promotions  Senior - Computer Information Systems Major

IDEA Marketing & Promotions is a media advertising company who sets out to help small businesses with their advertising campaign through our Digital Real-Estate.

on-the-go RFID

Jayson Foster  Graduate Student - Biomedical Engineering

On-the-Go RFID is an audio signaling device that warns individuals when an electronic device is left behind. The company provides engineering solutions for problems on a students budget.

jason sissing

Jason Sissing  Junior - Marketing Major

Pop-Top is a redesign to your traditional plastic lid. The new design will increase efficiency and eliminate waste.

jeff johnson

Jeff Johnson  Graduate Student - Electrical Engineering

SolarBOX will produce portable solar-charged power units with a capacity sufficient to power mid-level appliances and electric devices such as small heaters and laptops.

tyler petersen

Tyler Petersen  Sophomore - Marketing Major

Tie Medical Supplies provides a safer line of anesthesia supplies, catered specifically for use in timely scenarios.



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