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The Business Plan Competition serves to stimulate and nourish the student entrepreneurial spirit. It seeks to encourage entrepreneurially oriented graduate and undergraduate students, from any major, to take key steps toward developing and growing new business ventures.

The Competition also provides a forum where participating students develop critical skills in pitching their ventures to investors, which increases the probability of successfully launching their ventures.

Finally, each year, the Business Plan Competition will provide the best of these ventures with startup capital to assist the winning students launch their business venture.


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2012 GVSU Business Plan Competition Finalists

Why Compete?

GVSU Business Plan Competition is a push to start the business development thought process. Many times, the only barrier students face is motivation. If $5,000 isn't enough motivation, then perhaps the 1 credit independent study course will be beneficial for students who get to the 'business plan' round. 1st Place: $5,000; 2nd Place: $3,000, 3rd Place: $1,500, and Social Media "Buzz" Award: $250.

In addition, we provide valuable networking opportunities with local entrepreneurs and community business leaders. Take advantage of consulting services offered, and seek help when necessary.

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Previous Winners

2013 BPC Winners

  1. $5,000-Ulandra Reynolds, All Things Weaved
  2. $3,000-Tyler Richardson, BioInteract
  3. $1,500-Tyler Petersen, Tie Medical Supplies
  4. $500-(Buzz Award) Jacob Hall,
    Capable Solutions (113 likes)

2012 BPC Winners

  1. $5,000-Miles Smith, B.A.H.R.S.
  2. $3,000-Bo Anderson, Jon Rasmussen & Sam Rasmussen, Designer Vents
  3. $1,500-Thad Cummings, AL & S Solutions
  4. $250-(Buzz Award) Ryan Skonieczny, Converj (1144 likes)

2011 BPC Winners

  1. $5,000-Luke Richard, G.R. Greens
  2. $3,000-Jeramiah Cornell & Mu Yang,
    The Great American Culture Company
  3. $2,000-Frank Leonard, Keg Regulator
  4. $500-(Buzz Award) Joseph Presutti & Cory Cain,
    Suckers for a Caus
    e  (651 likes)


2010 BPC Winners

  1. $5,000-Joe Pohlen, JTP Management
  2. $3,000-Luke Richard, G.R. Greens
  3. $2,000-Tyler Hering, HopTent Brewpub

2009 BPC Winners

  1. $5,000-Tyler Way, T. Way Customs
  2. $3,500-David Veldt,
    Lumberyard Baseball & Softball Training
  3. $2,000-Katie Racey, Formal Freedom, LLC

2008 BPC Winners

  1. $5,
  2. $3,500-Helping Hands Learning Center
  3. $2,000-Digital Wingman


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