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Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization

The GVSU Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization has built a legacy on centered around creation. Our past members include: Daniel Estrada  DZEstrada, Brent Reame & Rob Conley Beanilla and Spice jungle, Joe Pohlen  DormTshirts.com, Tyler Way  T Way Collection, Brian Rider  Techtivity, and many others.Entrepreneurship and new venture creation are the keys to a healthy economy. In todays world, the next generation of the best and brightest entrepreneurial minds are developing ideas on university and college campuses, and this is where CEO comes in. The Collegiate Entrepreneurs OrganizationSM (CEO) is the premier entrepreneurship network with chapters on over 240 university campuses across North America. With a diverse global network, CEO informs, supports and inspires college students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunity through enterprise creation. www.ceogvsu.com
Student Enterprise Association

The Student Entreprise Association started as a way to fill the need of talented students who had been trained how to create but not what to do with that creation. The focus of SEA is on the business of art. SEA was created with the idea that more students will succeed if they have business skills, knowledge, resources, and contacts. while SEA is open to all majors, the organization is primarily geared toward non-business majors. Collaboration is at the core of creation. SEA strives to bridge the gap between talent and business. Providing non-business majors access to the business culture at GVSU and in West Michigan is one step toward providing students with a truly liberal education experience while studying at GVSU. Through conferences, collaborations with student organizations, our advisory organizations, competitions, and monthly meetings; SEA helps students turn their passions into a living. www.seagv.com