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Grand Rapids 2011
Teen Entrepreneurship Summer Academy



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The 2011 Grand Rapids Teen Entrepreneur Summer Academy presented by the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation was held on June 20-24 at the GVSU Pew Grand Rapids Campus. Twenty high school students participated in the five day academy where they learned about the benefits and challenges of sustainability and renewable energies. The students developed a business plan that will help solve the social, economic and environmental challenges of waste in schools. On the final day of the camp, they presented their business plans to family, friends, and community members for monetary prizes (1st- $450, 2nd-$300, 3rd-$200). View the complete set of photographs here!

Photography by David Chandler


 Kevin McCurren welcomes high school students to GVSU

CEI Executive Director, J. Kevin McCurren welcomes the high school students to GVSU and a week of opportunity.


Shaina does market research with her group

Participant Shaina converses with her team to address the market analysis of their proposed business.

Balraj, Elleria & Adam pause for a photo-op

Balraj, Ellerie and Adam from Team Blue brainstorm ideas.


Chelsea is attentive to film the energy in the room

Mentor Chelsea is ready to film the day's events.

Arn Boezaart discusses the opportunities in sustainability

MAREC Director, Arn Boezaart discusses the opportunities in sustainable processes.


Harmandeep, Dhar & Balraj pose during a break in the action

Harmandeep, Dhar and Balraj take time to pose because these veteran participants know that PR is good for a startup.

Our instructor Peg is hard at work teaching the students

The academy instructor, Peg, leads the group into a new session in the computer labs.


Manuel listens to presentations at GRid 70

Manuel absorbs the presentations by Meijer, Steelcase and Amway at GRid 70.

Students lounge in the open enviroment at GRid 70

Students lounge in GRid 70's open environment.


2011 GVSU Grand Rapids Teen Entrepreneur Summer Academy Students

2011 Grand Rapids Teen Entrepreneur Summer Academy!


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