Learning Opportunities CEI Offers
Classes Offered:
  ENT_180 Entrepreneurship 180
    Intro to Entrepreneurship (3 credits)

Students will explore the entrepreneurial quest beginning with the myths and realities of entrepreneurs, student self-analysis, through creativity and idea generation and the concept of the business plan. Key motivators and the drivers for success will be analyzed. Students will be required to conceptualize a new venture idea. 150 is offered during both fall and winter semesters.

Grand Valley State University offers students opportunities to learn the process of entrepreneurship within a high-impact, interdisciplinary, experiential curriculum. 

The entrepreneurship curriculum begins with ENT 150 - designed to introduce students to the art and science of entrepreneurship - and culminates with MGT 380 - which has students creating student enterprises and pitching for capital. By tackling business-building problems in the collegiate setting, students are better prepared to be successful building their own companies upon graduation.

  ENT_151 Entrepreneurship 151
New Venture Feasibly (3 credits)

This course focuses on the process of developing an idea from a product concept into a product design that has a market and commercial feasibility.  Students will have "hands on" and applied opportunities to develop their concepts within different environments including, graphics, design and prototyping.  Offered fall and winter semester.  Prerequisites: ENT 150
  ENT_380 Entrepreneurship 380
Designing New Ventures (3 Credits)

This course is intended to challenge student teams to design and develop a business model and plan for a viable GVSU student enterprise.  Through research, online discussions, and meetings with mentor entrepreneurs, students will acquire relevant knowledge and understanding to construct a business plan, and seek initial funding for the plan through presentation to an independent investment group.  The investment group will select the business model with the most potential for launch in Winter 2011.  
  MGT_330 Management 330
    Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management (3 Credits)

An exploration of opportunities for self-employment and product development.  The course features a comprehensive survey of the entrepreneurship process: recognizing opportunities, evaluating business potential, sources of financing, launching a new business venture, and issues related to managing growth.  Application of management principles to operating issues of small, evolving businesses.
    MGT_672 Management 672
      Creativity & Entrepreneurship (3 Credits)

Examination of personal barriers to creativity and entrepreneurship, and of characteristics and the roles of entrepreneurs in society. Each student completes a business plan to be judged for an award by professionals. Issues of franchising, purchase of a firm, and corporate entrepreneurship are considered.


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